Alana and her stepbrother hunk get it on!

April 18th, 2011 | by Red Hot |

Horny blonde babe fucked by her stepbrother

Ever since they were in their teens, Alana and her stepbrother Kyle have always shared a secret lust for each other. But they never did anything about it until now, when a friendly visit turned into a full-blown boob-creaming adventure!

It all started when Kyle dropped by Alana’s place after not seeing her for five years. Imagine his shock when he saw that his cute little stepsister had blossomed into a tarty blonde bombshell with fabulous knockers! His penis almost sprang out of his pants! Meanwhile, Alana was also pleased to find that her stepbrother had grown into a hunkier and more rugged version of himself. So after a short chat and a few drinks, the two got a little more snuggly and soon ended up kissing on Alana’s sofa. And that was just the beginning of an extra-steamy afternoon!

You can pretty much guess what happens after they swap spit.
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