Amber and Arlix

September 26th, 2017 | by Red Hot |
Sexy lesbian teen models playing with each other
We go to the basement for this hot and sexy lesbian video where Amber and Arlix have a little fun. With memories of Amber and Tea still fresh in my mind I was very happy to see Amber again. With her love of girls, beautiful body and great natural tits, it seems Arlix was thinking the same thing. Although I would have loved to see these girls do a little more than just touching and spanking each other, you really can’t complain when you have two naked hotties playing with each other.

I guess you could say that I would have loved to see these girls go "to the basement" in the basement if you catch my drift. I mean show me one girl that ever got hurt eating another girls pussy? Exactly! But as I mentioned before, I guess you can’t always have girls fisting each other and shoving bottles in their pussies. (who said that?)

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