Amy Valor In The Principal’s Office

May 19th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Coed Amy Valor riding the teacher

Let me tell you about this coed that I’ve been having problems this week at Innocent High. Her name is Amy Valor, she may look all cute and innocent but this girl has been a major headache for me recently. Today, her teacher caught her cheating on a test and sent her to my office. I was just going to suspend her, but suddenly she started to beg for me not to suspend her. She said that if her parents found out, they’d send her to a private school.

Check out how Amy Valor got out of her punishment. Well, Amy is a nice girl and I really enjoy staring at her boobs so I didn’t want her to get sent away to some private school. I was willing to work out a deal if she showed me those perky tits. She ended up showing me a lot more than just her boobs. Next thing I know, she’s sucking my cock right at my desk. Then she hoops up on my cock and shows me how thankful she is for not getting her in trouble.

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