Andrea Smoking Sausage

February 1st, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Dirty Smokers

Andrea is a delicious raven haired girl who has always smoked but she didn’t know until she met up with Alfie what a turn on smoking could be for some guys! Andrea certainly enjoyed a good smoke but as it turned out Alfie enjoyed a good cigarette a lot more than she did! Every time that Andrea lit up around him she watched his eyes light up and he just couldn’t tear his eyes off her cigarette or the clouds of white smoke that puffed from her lips.

Occasionally Andrea would really tease Alfie and while she lit up she’d reach over and grab hold of his cock getting it nice and hard through his pants. Then Andrea would tell him to get his corpulent knob out and then as she took a puff off her cigarette she stroked his penis and then blew a cloud of smoke all over the head of his cock. She felt his sausage meaty in her hand as the soft smoke billowed around his dong head. She had never had a man so in to her smoking before but she had to say it was a hot big turn on just watching him!

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