Asian Sex Quest Hottie Lucy Loves Sex In High Heels

September 29th, 2009 | by Red Hot |

Naked Asian slut Lucy licking her own high heels

I met Lucy in my local sex shop and I can’t begin to tell you how much time I spend in that place but it’s always great for picking up hot Asian whores who are slutty and willing to do just about anything! When I saw Lucy looking at the the huge sized playtoys in her ultra hot high heels and her slinky black dress I knew she was one of those fantastic girls who wouldn’t hesitate at my request for her to come back to my place. I walked over to Lucy and noticed her wearing no panties and immediately I knew she would do anything I told her!

Lucy of course agreed to sperm back at my place with me as long as I have the mega sized dildo brought along and I wasn’t about to argue with that! When we got at my crib, Asian slut Lucy stripped and flaunted naked her sexy little body in all her glory except for her high heels and begged me to break out the camera! She was hornier than I had bargained for and that was for sure! She teased me even more by grabbing her leg and pulling it towards her while sucking the heel of her high heel shoe. I have to admit that the sucking was as ugly sight but seeing her pussy flex like that was a huge turn on!


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