Asian thong girls Raquel & Sarah show off their hot asses!

October 7th, 2017 | by Red Hot |

Asian thong girls Raquel & Sarah show off their hot asses!

Raquel and Sarah were two hot Asian thong bikini chicks that modeled mini micro thongs for me one day. As you can view they were both looked hot as hell in those little thong bikinis I gave them. It was a appealing day at the beach that day and the sun was just defectless to get some real choice explicit beach photos of these two gorgeous Asian bikini models.

At first it was a little bit difficult trying to session and maneuver around two hot girls at the same time, but since these to Asian chicks were best fiends it worked out quite well. Mainly in the beginning when they were changing into their thongs I gave them to wear. It was very fine watching them check each others thongs to encompass how they looked on them.

The rendezvous went very amply and both of these hot Asian bikini babes had a wonderful time playing around and posing for me on the beach. I had them try on a couple different suits and took lots of thong pictures of them doing all sorts of things like bending over and sticking their asses out and stuff like that. They both were wearing mini micros for the end of the bikini gig and that particular thong style is very undraping!

Click here and check them out some more.

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