Bikini girl Tracy spreading her legs wide for a nice and perfect view

September 20th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Bikini girl Tracy spreading her legs wide for a nice and perfect view

This was one of my ideal shoots because Tracy had such a choice time showing off her rear and breasts in this skimpy thong bikini. She knew she looked hot as hell! Now and then people would walk by on the boardwalk where I was taking pictures of her in different poses and she wouldn’t slow down at all.

One time this honey walked by and Tracy bent all the way over with her cute thong bikini ass up in the air and winked at her! This babe was totally fun and such a perfecto sport. I didn’t even have to tell her what to do so I could get the most magnificent image for you dudes to see. She had enough ideas of her own and all I had to do was capture it. Tracy was really flexible too and there are some awesome extreme image of her with her legs up in the air and you can encompass everything because the thong she’s wearing is so skimpy it doesn’t hide her beautiful body at all!

She wiggled around a lot showing off how sexy and round her rear is and then she would bend over and pull her thong up in her pussy so I could get an up close and personal notice of her pussy lips. They were totally smooth and ripe for licking. But don’t take my word for it.

Come check out Tracy’s vagina lips for yourself.

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