Bikini model Paris spreads her legs wide and pulls her thong to the side

April 8th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Bikini model Paris spreads her legs wide

It’s a perfecto thing I have a pool because it gives me a chance to rendezvous thong bikini models if the beach is too crowded or it’s too chilly. A heated pool is a babe magnet and I can get lots of hot girls that love to wear thongs to come over and do some bikini photo shoots and make a few extra bucks.

This was no exception. I met Layla one day when I was at the grocery store. She precisely came on to me which was exquisite for a change. Anyways she was having problems in the checkout line, her card wasn’t working or something and she didn’t have enough cash. I was in a hurry so I threw down a 50 dollar bill and told the cashier to take it out of that.

That’s all it took. Women like to be rescued and taken care off. I walked her out to her car and she took down my phone number so she could call me later to return the money. A day went by and I never heard from her again (with no surprise) but lo and behold she gave me a call the next day and said she could stop by after her classes were out. When she got to my house and saw all my photography equipment and sounded very interested in making some extra money modeling these skimpy micro thongs.

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