Brianna Beach Gets A Hardcore Workout

September 27th, 2009 | by Red Hot |

The Real Workout

This nympho named Brianna Beach is one of my clients at the gym. Last night, she was complaining that the workouts weren’t intense enough anymore. She told me that she wanted to sweat and breath hard. I told her that I had a different kind of workout that she could try, but we couldn’t do it at the gym. She knew exactly what I was talking about. Check out these pictures from our hardcore workout.

Back at my apartment she stripped out of her tight workout clothes and showed me her tender body. Then I showed her my rock hard cock and said that would be the first part of our workout. She sucked on it until I was rock hard, then we moved to the cardio part of our workout. I pounded her pussy and made her sweat, breath hard and moan loud enough to wake up all of my neighbors. She said it was the best workout that she had ever gotten.

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