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Extreme bikini thong cameltoe girl blonde

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Extreme bikini thong cameltoe girl blonde

Brittany never planned on shooting for this site, she is just a standard sweetie that ran into me and Layla when we were doing her shoot. I think she liked watching as much as the guys and she was already wearing that tiny pink thong when she showed up walking down the shoreline.

After a few moments I took a break and went over to talk to her where she was hanging out by my boat. You could tell she was your typical attention craved babe that was out for a perfecto time and party with the other girl that I was doing the session with. She asked if I would take some nasty bikini pics of her. That was like music to my ears!

So I set her to show me what she’s got. At first she was moving so fast. It was making it hard for my fingers to grip that ass. I like it like that. Work that back. Slow motion for me, slow motion for me baby! That was all it took for her to slow down a bit bend over and spread them legs and let me zero in on that thong laden crotch. The most magnificent part was when she pulled that thong right up in that vagina and nekid them big fat snapper lips on each side!

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Sweet and tender extreme thong girl exposes her pink pussy

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Sweet and tender extreme thong girl

Kimmy had the freshest pink coochie you ever directed your eyes on! A culminating tone of soft pink semi meaty lips and a good sized clitoris that stuck out hard and appeared to be lovely to suck on. Just wait until you view Kimmy’s stimulating pink vagina in the members area! The high resolution pictures will fill your screen with incredible details.

At first Kimmy was a little bit on the shy side as the session first started. She was sort of shy about spreading her legs too far apart so we could get a nice see of her pink vagina lips. Eventually as the rendezvous went on and the tiny little thong she was wearing worked it’s way deep up inside her wet pink coochie and also rubbed ever so firmly against the outside of her tight pink fanny hole. These actions caused her to get extremely horny and it wasn’t too long after that she completely removed the thong bikini and started to really spread her snapper lips for the camera like a pro!

Needless to say Kimmy turned out to be another yummy addition to the BeachModel.Com family and please rest secure we strive to bring you the wildest most extreme thong bikini models on the net! 100% Exclusive to this site only!

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Big juicy ass and her pussy crotch swallows up her whole thong!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Big juicy ass and her pussy crotch swallows up her whole thong!

Veronika had a good thick fanny with meaty vagina lips. She was a bad babe too. You know, the kind that like to do naughty things and is not afraid to get caught. It was a bit chilly this day but she was a sport and really put on a show since we were in a fairly desolate part of the nekid beach.

At first we just did a hundred or so pictures of her with the top and bottoms of her thong bikini on. She was wearing a real small notice through mesh white micro thong. A g-string style one with a small string and it didn’t cover much. When she bent over the whole thong strap would suck up into her labia lips. Did I mention she had a perfecto fat fat vagina? God I love that!

We then proceeded to do some topless beach photos, so I asked her to remove her bikini top and let those puppies breath. She looked stimulating topless swimming and laying on the beach. I could have chilled out there all day, but I still had to get some nekid shots of her. I had her get down near the edge of the water so when she was laying there stripped on the beach the waves would wash up and splash on her ass and pussy. She said it made her all tingly!

The nakid pictures of her bending over with her legs spread are awesome!

Hot thong girl with big natural breasts bent over wearing a pink thong

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Hot thong girl with big natural breasts bent over wearing a pink thong

Mitty is the true definition of a thong bikini amateur girl. This was her very first modeling gig ever. She handled it pretty choice even though she said this thong was a little small. Haha, I told her she hasn’t looked at small yet. I showed her one of the mini micros and she freaked out at how small and skimpy it was.

This chick had a killer perfecto thick meaty rump to die for! I guess you could call it a bubble butt. It looked nice as all get out with that thong sucked up in that crack! Mitty also had a hell of a exquisite rack! All natural 36 D’s I’d have to guess. I forgot to ask her :-( She dauntless was a cutie pie though and it was a pleasure full day on the beach shooting her in a little thong.

Near the end of the appointment I was really getting some exquisite bum image as she was down on all fours posing sticking her fanny out and undraping that thong crack. The sun was coming in at just the right angle and I swear you can view every grain of sand just as crystal clear as ever. Just think how nice of a admire and how x-rated the full size high resolution pictures are going to be.

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Spread eagle micro thong girl exposes her pink pussy and small titties

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Spread eagle micro thong girl exposes her small titties

Paris was so into posing for the camera in her thong it really shows in her pictures. She was a natural and had the adept body to show off in these thongs. Exquisite and thin with a super backside and medium sized breasts. A body built for speed and endurance. Like a dazzling Italian Ferrari. The culminating Micro Thong girl.

She had no qualms about showing her jugs or even her yummy bald pussy. I had to take it slow though because she was too fine to let it all happen at once. The key to shooting thong babes, remarkably these micro thongs, is to take it slow. Let the sweetie sort of pull on it up tight against their vulva so we can notice the outlines of their coochie through the very thin fabric.

I had her get in all kinds of nasty revealing positions while wearing one of the smallest micro thongs you will ever see. When she sat down and spread her legs and pulled that thong up tight in the front, it sort of folded up and sunk deep into her coochie and her lips just covered it up. You could tell that her snapper was getting all red from the excitement of toying with these skimpy thongs and the way they rubbed against her pussy and butt hole.

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Topless beach babe rubbing oil on her firm breasts

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Topless beach babe rubbing oil on her firm breasts

It was another stupendous day of shooting on the beach today. alicias was a stimulating babe with an ass to die for. She was not wicked tall but she had a yummy build and was sexy as hell to look at. She picked out a super mini micro bikini thong from my personal stash and tried it on. She loved it just like all the models do the first time they try on one of these thongs. When they first encompass it they comment on how small and skimpy it is and are a bit unsure about it, but they son find out how sexy they make them look.

Most of the time they start to really like they way they feel. These thongs are so small you can barely feel them I’m told. The mini micros are even more revealing. I like to start each new honey of in a regular micro thong. Then if she does good with that style I will move her down to the mini micro thong. It’s just enough material to cover only the most important parts. Barely that is.

Once they get that far the rest is history. It’s then time for the 1-string peek a boos. These are the most extreme and explicit. They are probably the sexiest thong bikinis on the planet. alicias was so hot in her mini micro. Some of the shots I took were precisely award winning thong photos.

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Asian thong girls Raquel & Sarah show off their hot asses!

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Asian thong girls Raquel & Sarah show off their hot asses!

Raquel and Sarah were two hot Asian thong bikini chicks that modeled mini micro thongs for me one day. As you can view they were both looked hot as hell in those little thong bikinis I gave them. It was a appealing day at the beach that day and the sun was just defectless to get some real choice explicit beach photos of these two gorgeous Asian bikini models.

At first it was a little bit difficult trying to session and maneuver around two hot girls at the same time, but since these to Asian chicks were best fiends it worked out quite well. Mainly in the beginning when they were changing into their thongs I gave them to wear. It was very fine watching them check each others thongs to encompass how they looked on them.

The rendezvous went very amply and both of these hot Asian bikini babes had a wonderful time playing around and posing for me on the beach. I had them try on a couple different suits and took lots of thong pictures of them doing all sorts of things like bending over and sticking their asses out and stuff like that. They both were wearing mini micros for the end of the bikini gig and that particular thong style is very undraping!

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Beautiful black girl in a thong

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Beautiful black girl in a thong

Erika was a smoking hot black honey that loved to wear the thong! She could stop traffic with her a plus brown body and very sexy eyes. I started her off in a yellow micro thong and snapped a bunch of pictures of her doing her thong dance on the beach. Something about her made you favor to just fall under her spell as she glances and eyeballs at you when looking over her shoulder back at you with her ass all hiked up in the air. The way she spread her butt cheeks while wearing a thong would drive you nuts.

For her second thong I picked a sky blue mesh micro thong that was partially see through. You could really encompass her chocolate brown nipples through the thin opaque material very well. Did I mention that her nipples were also pierced? Sorry I forgot to tell you that. Yes it’s true.

Finally for the grand finale I told Erika to put on this black one piece slingshot peek a boo thong. This thong looked sexy as hell on her. She pulled it off perfectly. This thong was made entirely out of straps. There was no material at all. Not even where her crotch is. It just had 2 straps that went on either side divulging that pussy wide open! She was hot stuff!

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Topless thong girl spreading her legs by the beachside pool

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Topless thong girl

Margo was what you call a hot blonde bikini bombshell. She had a body to die for with a set of breasts that would knock your socks off! They had the most defectless pink nipples and areolas that just begged you to suck on them. Her backside was dazzling as wine and most importantly she had class and looked like the type of girl that you could take home to mom!

You can tell she was not the slutty type, which was ok with me, because we have plenty of bikini sluts on here for those of you that accept to look at some raunchy stuff. I try to make everyone happy with this site and variety is the spice of life. Margo fills the need for those of you that dig a real classy chick with a killer body and even a little bit of brains too!

You will be able to fantasize about Margo coming home from her 6 figure job driving her Mercedes Benz into the garage and coming inside wearing a sexy business suit and getting down on her knees to give you a good after work blowjob before she cooks dinner for you. Don’t waste another minute! Join beachmodel today and start downloading all of her hi resolution pictures and full length video in the members area. Don’t forget we have hundreds of other models for you to enjoy while you are there!

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Bikini girl Tracy spreading her legs wide for a nice and perfect view

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Bikini girl Tracy spreading her legs wide for a nice and perfect view

This was one of my ideal shoots because Tracy had such a choice time showing off her rear and breasts in this skimpy thong bikini. She knew she looked hot as hell! Now and then people would walk by on the boardwalk where I was taking pictures of her in different poses and she wouldn’t slow down at all.

One time this honey walked by and Tracy bent all the way over with her cute thong bikini ass up in the air and winked at her! This babe was totally fun and such a perfecto sport. I didn’t even have to tell her what to do so I could get the most magnificent image for you dudes to see. She had enough ideas of her own and all I had to do was capture it. Tracy was really flexible too and there are some awesome extreme image of her with her legs up in the air and you can encompass everything because the thong she’s wearing is so skimpy it doesn’t hide her beautiful body at all!

She wiggled around a lot showing off how sexy and round her rear is and then she would bend over and pull her thong up in her pussy so I could get an up close and personal notice of her pussy lips. They were totally smooth and ripe for licking. But don’t take my word for it.

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Two horny thong girls on one secluded beach

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Two horny thong girls on one secluded beach

It was a good and bright sunny day when I took Summer and Barbie down to the cliff side beach for their assignment . They were both very excited that I set this gig up for them. They had only met on one other occasion when I was screening them for their solo shoots. (Their other shoots are in the also!) Anyways, I could tell that they sort of hit it off as they were chatting it up pretty nice while chillaxing on my pool deck overlooking the ocean and having a few Margaritas! So a few days later I called each of them up and asked if they would be interested in doing a shoot with each other. They were both agreed and were very exited and eager to do it.

So here we are. Me, my gear, and two of the hottest fuckin pieces of bum in the smallest micro thong bikinis you ever directed your eyes on! These babes were smoking hot. Between the two of them you had the most magnificent of both worlds. So alike yet so different. I was in the twilight zone imagining all the different things you could do and all the different places you could lick or even just support out in licking, if they needed relief, if you know what I mean :) Blah, blah, blah, so anyways back to reality and this shoot.

The models were conclusively hot for each other. You can easily tell that just from the free gratis photographs you encompass pictured here. Once you get access to the members area, hold on to your hat! There are much more x-rated picture saved for members only! Full length x-rated video downloads also. High quality ones that will fill your whole monitor with crystal clear superb details. I encourage you to join beachmodel today so you can not only get instant access to this amazing set, but we also give you access to every models pictures and videos too! Our whole archive!

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Gorgeous natural breasts micro thong exposed pussy extravaganza

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Gorgeous natural breasts

Rose is one of my esteemed babes and she has done several bikini shoots with me now. When I first saw her I thought she would be shy but she turned out to be very uninhibited when it came to wearing a juicy asses or even one of those one string peek a boo bikinis that basically show everything. The whole vagina is exposed. That along with her defectless exquisite sized natural tatas made her to be one of the best thong bikini babes we have.

She really liked running around the beach in her little thong. It was super to get her down by the water so the waves could get her bikini a little wet and make it easier to se through a little bit. When she took off her top and revealed her awesome real mammaries I was flabbergasted. They weren’t too large and weren’t too small, they were just right! The faultless size mammaries for fondling and sucking on. And when she let them hang down while bending over they looked twice as jumbo and not saggy at all.

Finally later on we started taking some extremely explicit thong bikini shots. You know, the kind that are a little on the raunchy side. Close up cameltoe image where she pulled her thong up deep into her pussy crack and let her lips pop out on both sides. It was wonderful! A sweet bikini model with a spiffy attitude and some of the nicest boobs to look at in a thong bikini.

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Amber: Massive crotch thong in your face

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Massive crotch thong in your face

Amber is in a class all of her own! She is gnarly smart and has a body built like a thoroughbred; long, lean, and fast. Not only did she fancy one of tiniest micro thong bikinis to sweetie (the crotch is 1 inch by 1 inch of black fishnet) she topped off her outfit with a sassy hat and sexy boots with the fur. As we walked down the stairs of my beach house, to the shore, I asked Amber if she wanted to be on the rocks out in the open or kind of hidden in a small cave. She said she wanted the most privacy possible because the thought of her pictures being on the website was making her feel real horny and naughty.

We got to the little cave in the side of the cliff pretty quick and Amber instantaniously leaned against the rocks, spread her bum cheeks apart with one hand, and naked her massive thong crotch for an in your face camera shot. Just look at that culminating, tight starfish! I wanted to lean over and use my teeth to snap that black thong string buried deep in her crack. Throughout the morning she teases her perky little titties and hard nipples non-stop as she strokes her fat, shaved, puffy labias for you.

Amber is an absolute natural for posing; I didn’t have to give her any guidance or encouragement. The preview pictures you encompass here are of the tamer positions she did for me. As a member, you will have full access to Amber’s wild and nasty photo shoot. only has full-length DVD quality videos and high-resolution pictures. My huge archive and routine updates of exclusive content will fill your screen with the hottest, cameltoe, crotch thong images on the web for as long as you can sit in front of your computer screen with your dick in your hand.

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Amazing big breasts and scrumptious ass!

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Amazing big breasts and scrumptious ass!

Stephania is one of my most magnificent thong models and she has modeled all sorts of different kinds of risque micro thongs for me. She has done the thong, micro thong, mini micro thong, slingshot peek a boo one piece thong, thong bikini peek a boo thong and a few more that I can’t remember the bikini style of right now.

Stephania was also one sparkling chick. She had a real exquisite cranium on her shoulders too. She also loved to model the thong in front of other people! I think she got a fat kick out of it because she loved the attention she received from all the bystanders that would be checking out her angelic bikini bum and drooling down their chins.

She precisely liked to try and get me all worked up and play mind games with me during the shoot. She would say and do stuff like: “Hey how does my ass look when I do this?” Then she would spread her legs and bend over, arch her back and stick her crotch area out as far as she could about 12 inches from my face! I essentially fainted! Her bum was so close to my face I could roughly taste it!

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Extreme beach model Kira exposes the whole enchilada!

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Extreme beach model Kira exposes the whole enchilada!

Now Kira was a real wild one as you will notice if you check out her gratuitous thong pictures in her free preview. To start with she wore one of my smallest micro thong bikinis that scantly cover up anything. She had some huge fat coochie lips so I had her pull her thong up tight into and against her vulva and the thong just slipped right in divulging one of the most extreme camel toes you ever casted your eyes on.

After about 15 or 20 minutes of taking pictures of her wearing the thong I decided it was time to get some topless footage. WOW! She had a set of tits that would poke your eye out if you were not careful! They were store bought but they looked pretty dam perfecto to me. Hell, they all look good to me. But natural boobs are my favorite.

During the last part of our little thong beach photo gig I decided to go for the gusto. I knew she was a wild one and we were on a bare beach, so off the g-string thong came and left nothing but wide open smooth snapper! It was a wonderful site. Good long snapper lips that looked like they enjoyed to be pulled and sucked on. She even flipped over on her hands and knees and spread her backside cheeks apart so I could get you admirers some extremely xrated close-up shots of her not only her bottom but her ass! That’s right!

Check out Kira’s butthole here.

Hot Asian girl modeling the most extreme thong ever made!

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Hot Asian girl modeling a hot thong

In this set Tracy is wearing a one string thong bikini that is about the most extreme and explicit thong bikini on the face of the earth. I love the one string thong because most of the time that string slips into position right up the middle of the babes crotch and nestle right in between her snapper lips. This is so hot!

Eventually after a while of this it can start to turn the honey on slightly and you will notice them start to get a little moist and puffy down there. This is also dam hot! Sometimes while doing these types of extreme thong shoots it’s not uncommon to have to ask the chick to go for a quick swim to vivid down a little.

Finally we finished with the one string thong and decided to call it a day. We had taken a few hundred thong pictures and that was enough thongs bum pussy and jugs for one day! I ended up shooting Tracy 3 or 4 times over the period of a month or so. I can’t wait to shoot her again. Stay tuned and become a member!

Extreme big tittie MILF on the nude beach

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Extreme big tittie MILF on the nude beach

Fitness competitor, chick, and Milf Rachel just loved our hot pink three string Peek-A-Boo Bikini ass and top. She was so easy to work with and had some yummy nasty poses of her own that I would not have even thought of. This Milf really knows how to move that tight rump body of hers.

After she got this tiny invisible bikini on, she shook those Big Angelic Tatas side to side as the center string on the top flipped back and forth over her nipples making them hard as rocks. You could just tell that she was loving the sensation this was creating. Then she started gyrating her hips as she spread her legs wide. The itsy bitsy fanny was doing the same flipping back and forth across her Hot Meaty Pussy. She was laughing the whole time. I could tell she was getting turned on. I know I was :)

As we continued to rendezvous this hot and nasty bikini, a couple of spectators strolled by and were beside themselves checking out Rachel’s jumbo titties and the superb invisible bikini. They could not believe how open and natural she was just spreading her legs wide open, pulling the string back up her crack and playing with and bouncing her monster boobs for them while they drooled all over themselves. It was pretty damn funny. I should have taken some pictures of the onlookers for the bloopers section, ha ha.

Come and admire Rachel’s Big Breasts and Nasty Pussy at the beach. You will be glad you did!

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