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Hot blonde bikini bombshell lets it all hang out on the beach

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Hot blonde bikini bombshell

Summer had one of the smoothest bald cameltoes you ever casted your eyes on. It looked like it had never been touched except for the tiny thong string that rode ever so deeply in-between her engorged labia. When she pulled her bikini top off and stripped those perfect firm and supple small tits I basically lost it. They were beyond perfect. She was beyond perfect. She was the kind of sweetie you could take home to mom and still be appealing as hell no matter what she was wearing.

The skimpy micro thong bikini precisely helped out the situation though. I love getting these hot chicks to pose in these little thongs. They sort of freak out a little at first and can’t believe how small they are. It’s sort of funny, they all try the tops on first and notice how the little triangle scantly covers their areolas. On some of the models with larger tatas it almost does that.

Eventually they try on the bottoms and say wow these are small. (As the small triangle of crotch material sinks deep in-between their snapper lips forming one of my signature extreme thong cameltoes.) Rest secure we try to find models with super engorged outer pussy lips to accentuate the camel-toe process to it’s fullest potential. We are in the business of exposing the finest in professional extreme cameltoes.

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Extreme sling shot micro thong bikini girl show her sweet pussy

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Extreme sling shot micro thong bikini girl

Cindy was smoking hot on the beach in her little slingshot thong as it rode deep and hard inside her bum crack as well as pulled very tight across her pussy mound unveiling both her fuzzy meat flaps lips for everyone on the beach to see. She was so stoked as she noticed a few men and one girl that were walking buy and were checking her out. She casually bent over point her fanny in their direction, hiked it up as far as she could and spread her legs a choice distance apart, giving them an ultimate wide angle see of her amazing butt!

Eventually we got down to some serious shooting and we managed to take a couple hundred steamy hot thong pictures that show all of Cindy’s becoming body from dream box to toe. No holes barred extreme thong action guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat for the most xrated thong pictures on the net.

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Hot Asian spinners in explicit micro thongs

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Raquel & Sarah are our resident Asian spinner thong babes. They are angelic thong bikini knockouts that are bound to bring a smile to your face. Supple small bodies and extreme micro thong bikinis on a gorgeous sunny day at the beach. What more could you ask for.

Inside the members area you will find Raquel & Sarah’s full length video as adequate as hundreds of xrated high resolution images. These models leave approximately nothing to the imagination as the cameras scan every inch of their cute tender bodies.

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Extreme micro thong cameltoe hottie

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Extreme micro thong cameltoe hottie

Alicia was one of the most appealing blonde bikini models you ever saw! She has an awesome body that showcases my micro thongs like no other. Her short and sassy hair style is also a groovy turn-on along with the rest of her killer body. She really looked choice all anchored out on the beach wearing these clever tiny thongs and posing for my lens.

We took a lot of thong pictures that day in three different styles. Micro, mini micro and a one string peek a boo. The one string is an awesome thong and basically it only has one string that covers the girls crotch area. It usually slips right in place if you know what I mean 🙂 This is perhaps the most extreme and most xrated thong bikini I have.

The beach was very desolate that day and there were not many people out and about at all. This gave us plenty of privacy to get some wicked explicit thong picture of her backside while she was down on all fours. This was an incredible sight to admire and I still think about it from time to time. Her thong bottom pics were the best I’ve ever taken!

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KiraLee’s Perfect Natural Small Breasts & Taught Bunghole

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Firm Natural Tatas Taught Bunghole

KiraLee is what you call as close as to perfection as you can get n my eyes. Her appealing face and smile will scarcely melt you away. Her teethe look like they belong on a toothpaste commercial and her face is so wholesome and angelic you could taker her home to mom on her worst day. It’s so hard to believe that this sweet innocent honey just loves to show off her full natural boobs with the most perfectly shaped nipples and areolas that you could ever imagine.

Furthermore, when KiraLee bends over in one of these tiny little thongs her full meaty coochie with its nice plump puffy outer pussy lips have a stupendous tendency to swallow up whole and suck in deep these little thongs that all the girls wear nowadays. It is a site to behold as those two meaty meat flaps surround that thong string and the only thing you can think about is just rubbing your face all over that wet slippery clam while gently pulling that string out of her fanny crack and her pussy lips.

If you choose the hottest and most extreme thong models wearing the smallest thongs allowed by law then you have hit the jackpot. Thong snapper and bum so up close and in your face you can approximately taste it. Some customers have reported that they can actually smell it because the pictures are so large and crystal clear you can admire every little detail. The full length DVD quality videos are so mind blowing you will not be able to control yourself. Quit wasting your time looking at the free promo movies and join beachmodel today and download all the full length movie downloads and high resolution pictures of these fabulous thong girls.

Showing off their cute little Asian asses in tiny micro thongs

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Showing off their cute little Asian asses in tiny micro thongs

Raquel and Sarah were two hot Asian thong bikini chicks that modeled mini micro thongs for me one day. As you can notice they were both looked hot as hell in those little thong bikinis I gave them. It was a fine day at the beach that day and the sun was just defectless to get some real exquisite explicit beach photos of these two gorgeous Asian bikini babes.

At first it was a little bit difficult trying to appointment and maneuver around two hot models at the same time, but since these to Asian chicks were best fiends it worked out quite well. Especially in the beginning when they were changing into their thongs I gave them to wear. It was very beautiful watching them check each others thongs to encompass how they looked on them.

The gig went very fittingly and both of these hot Asian bikini babes had a wonderful time playing around and posing for me on the beach. I had them try on a couple different suits and took lots of thong pictures of them doing all sorts of things like bending over and sticking their asses out and stuff like that. They both were wearing mini micros for the end of the bikini appointment and that particular thong style is very unveiling!

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Sheer see through micro thong girl with perfect tender small breasts

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Sheer see through micro thong girl

This was Paris’s first appointment I did. She was wearing a sheer see through thong bikini while we went out on the boat and stopped at a secluded beach along a fat huge lake. She was a little apprehensive at first because she was by herself and she really had only talked to me online before.

Once we launched off and got underway all was sparkling because there were plenty of other guys with hot chicks riding around in their boats too! I always get talked about because all my buddies always admire me with these hot chicks all the time and since I get them to come in from out of town they have no idea who they are and why they are with me. They suspect that I’m some sort of thong bikini babe pimp or something like that.

Ha ha ha, if they only knew that’s exactly what I am, perhaps not in the same context as they think though. I had Paris put on a real nice show for all my buddies during the date! That’s why I gave her the encompass through thong bikini. She really liked performing naked and in a tiny thong in front of so many guys. I think it helped things out a bit that they were awestruck with her.

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Puffy nipple one piece slingshot extreme micro thong beach girl

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Puffy nipple one piece slingshot extreme micro thong beach girl

Masha was another bikini girl with incredible puffy nipples! Hers really swelled up and looked just like a Volcano! There is something about puffies that just drives me insane, I remarkably like to watch them as they swell and engorge as the bikini girls get turned on and exited during the thong shoots. Masha was a real hottie and she had the whole package going on. Angelic face, super breasts, wonderful bum, it was all there from cranium to toe.

Masha liked modeling the one piece sling shot micro thong. Not all babes can pull off wearing a skimpy little thong like that but she did with no problems whatsoever. The sling shot bikini thong she wore was a black view through mesh style that naked her engorged nipples and shaved vagina mound. When she was posing she was very uninhibited and really didn’t mind spreading her legs and unveiling her crotch for some extreme up close shots.

Towards the end of the gig Masha was very turned on wearing that little thong bikini because when she pulled the front of it to the side and nekid her bald pussy you could tell that it was a choice bright pinkish red and that her lips and vilva were swelled up slightly. It looked so topnotch I could barely stand it. Puffy nipples, stupendous bum, gorgeous face, she had the whole thong bikini beachmodel package going on.

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Smooth and bald beaver cameltoe bikini girl

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Smooth and bald beaver cameltoe bikini girl

Ali had one of those exquisite big bubble butts that stuck out so far I swear you could have set a beer can on that thing. The thong string just disappeared deep down in the crevice! I loved it! Just the right amount of jiggle wiggle if you know what I mean. She was defiantly a little on the shy side also and this was her first time doing anything like this, I had my job cut out for me.

I managed to get her to try on another very small micro thong bikini. A style that is my most treasured cut because of the way the straps ride high but not too high on the hips. The crotch area of this thong is not very wide and if the model has somewhat fuller vagina lips you are guaranteed to notice a little pussy lips hanging out on the sides. This is another thing I love!

I managed to get Ali in all sorts of topnotch positions in order to get some really good extreme thong pics of her a plus bubble ass. I had he bent over sticking that vagina out and making her pull it in deep so we could notice that nice full vulva make a fresh camel toe. Once she took her top off it was all over. She let loose and really put on a good show for me. You could tell she was starting to get into it from the moisture that was starting to form on the crotch area of her thong. It was awesome!

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The best thong booty this side of the Mississippi!

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The best thong booty this side of the Mississippi!

This I believe was Alicia’s second photo date with me on the beach. She is wearing a black micro thong and it is looking sexy as hell as it accentuates her backside to no end. these types of thongs are very unveiling and leave little to the imagination. The only thing you have to wonder about is the choice stuff. Let’s all bow our heads now and prey to the thong gods and thank him for sexy thongs like this!

Since this was our second bikini rendezvous Alicia was a bit more relaxed. The first time modeling one of these little micro thongs can be a bit intimidating at first. Once the models get comfortable with you it is not so bad and you can really get some perfecto thong picture and angles.

Thong photography is all about getting the right angle on the right model. Playing off her plusses and minuses and coming up with the most jamup plan of attack. Some girls have better rear pic straight on and some make better backside image when they are down on all fours with their legs spread as far apart as they can get them so I am able to zoom in and get the x-rated thong angles that true thong lovers designate!

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Extreme pink puffy pussy lips split tail thong cameltoe

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Hot thong model showing her tits

If you like them hot like a firecracker then you will love Lexi! This thong model was as hot as they come! You can tell she was on fire because her hot pink vagina was glowing red! You can tell she was really turned on while she spread her legs and pulled that thong deep up into her glowing red pussy lips! The full screen close-ups will blow your mind!

Lexi had a faultless pair of knockers that were just the right size! Not too big and not too small. I remarkably like her rock hard hard nipples that just begged to be sucked on. When Lexi eyeballs up at you with those exquisite stimulating titties and pretty groovy face, there is no telling what you would do for this babe!

The beach was very quiet this day and their were not many beach goers or gawkers looking at us. I particularly enjoy it when it is like this because it makes it easier for you to get plenty of the x-rated spread leg coochie pic that all of you love so much. It’s so much fun to take these babes out on the beach and loyalty them get into all those explicit graphic poses while wearing nothing but a tiny mini micro thong bikini.

Barbie: Exposes Her Sweet Meaty Cameltoe

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

MEATY Moose knuckle

Barbie is one of our large tittie, great nasty, micro thong bikini models. If you think she leers choice here in these preview photos, then you will really want to notice the totally erotic assignment she did earlier this spring with Summer. The member’s area of the site provides full access to the pics and movies of them getting one another clever sweaty and sandy on a gorgeous isolated beach. Barbie was completely into posturing herself to most jamup show off her luscious bottom, smooth moose knuckle, and huge breasts. So when she asked if she could do a few scenes all by herself I said, “Hell Yeah!” and scheduled the gig for a few days later.

Barbie was so excited about modeling for the site again that she arrived a few hours early. I told her to make herself at home while I finished some work. She lounged around my pool for most of the morning, in the fire red thong I gave her after our last shoot. Every time I glanced out my window and saw her becoming body stretched out in the lounge chair, glistening in the sun, I totally lost track of what I was doing. I jumped in the pool to relieve my throbbing hard-on and then we walked down my stone steps to the beach. Before I even had my camera out of the bag, Barbie was flicking her nipples through the material of her thin stretched top and sliding her fingers behind the fabric of her thong, teasing her juicy shaved snatch. She got so horny during her performance that I had to save those pictures for the member’s area, but these free pics give you a pretty exquisite idea of what’s in store if you Join now.

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Hot black bikini girl with perfect pierced nipples

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Hot black bikini girl with perfect pierced nipples

Erika was a smoking hot black chick that loved to wear the thong! She could stop traffic with her wholesome brown body and very sexy eyes. I started her off in a yellow micro thong and snapped a bunch of pictures of her doing her thong dance on the beach. Something about her made you choose to just fall under her spell as she glances and views at you when looking over her shoulder back at you with her rump all hiked up in the air. The way she spread her butt cheeks while wearing a thong would drive you nuts.

For her second thong I picked a sky blue mesh micro thong that was partially encompass through. You could really see her chocolate brown nipples through the thin opaque material very well. Did I mention that her nipples were also pierced? Sorry I forgot to tell you that. Yes it’s true.

Finally for the grand finale I told Erika to put on this black one piece slingshot peek a boo thong. This thong looked sexy as hell on her. She pulled it off perfectly. This thong was made entirely out of straps. There was no material at all. Not even where her crotch is. It just had 2 straps that went on either side revealing that coochie wide open! She was hot stuff!

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Hot thong girl Sarah rubs suntan oil over her hot little Asian ass

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Hot thong girl Sarah rubs suntan oil over her hot little Asian ass

Raquel and Sarah were two hot Asian thong bikini chicks that modeled mini micro thongs for me one day. As you can see they were both looked hot as hell in those little thong bikinis I gave them. It was a appealing day at the beach that day and the sun was just perfect to get some real super xrated beach photos of these two gorgeous Asian bikini girls.

At first it was a little bit difficult trying to session and maneuver around two hot girls at the same time, but since these to Asian chicks were best fiends it worked out quite well. Especially in the beginning when they were changing into their thongs I gave them to wear. It was very foxy watching them check each others thongs to notice how they looked on them.

The assignment went very amply and both of these hot Asian bikini girls had a wonderful time playing around and posing for me on the beach. I had them try on a couple different suits and took lots of thong pictures of them doing all sorts of things like bending over and sticking their asses out and stuff like that. They both were wearing mini micros for the end of the bikini shoot and that particular thong style is very undraping!

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Extremely hairy bush can not be hidded in this thong

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Extremely hairy bush

Now Tina was one of those naturist hairy pussy thong bikini babes. She liked to let her bush grow wild. She has a whole bunch of pubic hair covering her pussy. At first it seems a little weird seeing all that hair bushing out from the sides of her thong. But after a while you will get used to it. Just think if you were stranded on a desert island with the Swedish Bikini Team. Do you think they all would have clean shaven twats? Hell no! You’d be going down on that shit irregardless of how much hair is in the way.

Ok so after you check out her hairy bush for a bit then you just realize that this is one very pretty model. She has a face to die for with the most cute eyes that sort of melt you. When she bends over and spreads her legs as wide as they can go and you look up there and view that thong strap rubbing across her hairy snatch you just gotta wonder what it’s like to boar hog that son of a bitch!

Tina was as sparkling as a cucumber though. She like the attention that her hairy snapper gave her and posing in one of these thong bikinis was a whole new experience for her. It was wholesome when she decided to take her bikini top off and let her super natural mammaries out for a little vivid air and sunshine. Nothing better than chillin round the pool with some hot piece of bum and having her put on a super thong show for you.

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Pierced nipples topless black thong girl

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Pierced nipples topless black thong girl

Black babes and thongs go together like Gray Poupon and a Rolls Royce. Erika was one of those fine bottom black thong babe that knew how to get her groove on. She was foxy as fuck all and really knew how to move. She was doing stripper lap dances on the beach. Moving and gyrating all around in her micro thong bikini. At first I thought she was after my cheddar but it was clear that this was a thong freak and was after her time in the spotlight.

Now I photograph a lot of appealing models but this biatch was hotter that hot, this black babe was smokin! I had the R&B blastin on my jam box and just let her do her thing for a perfecto fifteen minutes. She moved in places that I didn’t even know had mobility!

She tried on several of these tiny micro thongs. I started her off in a standard micro thong and then switched her into another view through mesh micro thong bikini. For the grand finale I had her put on a peek-a-boo slingshot one piece thong. These are so fuckin sexy their ought to be a law against them. Oh wait there is 🙂

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Showing off her fine thong ass and rubbing hot oil into her butt cheeks

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Showing off her fine thong ass

The mini micro thong is one of the smallest thongs out there. Not too many thong chicks can pull off wearing one of these. They are about 1 inch wide at the top and taper down to a spaghetti string. When a chick bends over and gives you a perfecto backside shot while wearing a mini micro you are guaranteed to view a little more than you bargained for. I’m talking extreme folks! The most xrated thongs out there!

alicias was a perfect babe to wear one of these mini micros. She had an rump to die for, Hard and rock hard and the thong made it look like a million dollars. She looked so perfecto pointed out on the beach. Looked like something out of a sports illustrated magazine. If you love tiny thongs and smooth bum then this is the site for you. Tons of hot thong babes.

Now most girls I shoot will get down and dirty. alicias was a little more shy that most of my models. Nevertheless we managed to take some hot mind altering thong pics. Trust me, if you love the thong then you will love these pics.

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