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Leah Jaye the Christmas thief

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Leah Jaye

Let me tell you about this thieving whore named Leah Jaye. Every year, we have a big Christmas party at Innocent High. All the girls bring in presents for the secret Santa that we have. However, by third period I was hearing that lockers were getting broke into and presents were missing. I had all of the staff be on the lookout for the culprit. An hour later, the janitor walked into my office with Leah Jaye.

Check out these pictures and see what happened next. I was shocked when he told me that Leah Jaye was behind all of the missing presents. This European hottie was a quiet student that never caused any problems. I told him to leave and that I would take care of the punishment. She was scared, but I wasn’t going to call the police or give her detention for a year. I had a better solution that would make us both very happy.

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Abby Lane caught cheating

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Abby Lane

My name is Abby Lane and I’m one of the coeds at Innocent High. This week I missed a couple days of school because I was sick. Mr. Pockerpoon told me that I would have to stay after school and makeup a test that I missed. I didn’t have time to study, so I made myself a cheat sheet. I would’ve gotten away with it, if I hadn’t accidentally left my cheat sheet in between the test papers.

It took the teacher about five seconds to find the cheat sheet. I hadn’t even had time to grab my backpack to escape before he was yelling at me. He told me that he was going to call my parents. I knew if he did that, they would definitely take the car away this weekend, so I had to convince him not to call them. I think you’ll like how I convinced him to not punish me.

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Ashli Orion gets punished by her teacher

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Ashli Orion tasting cock

Boys, my name is Ashli Orion and check out my adventure at Innocent High. It was one afternoon after school was over for the day. I was waiting for my ride home and wandering around the school. I thought it would be funny to write an obscene message on Mr. Pockerpoon’s blackboard. While I was in his classroom, I spotted his cell phone out on his desk. Let’s just say it was a lot nicer than mine.

I had just slipped it into my backpack when Mr. Pockerpoon walked in. Instantly he saw that his cell phone was missing. He demanded it back and said that he was going to call the cops on me. With my mouth, I convinced him to not call anyone. We could take care of this ourselves. I was just going to suck his dick but it was so much fun, that soon I wanted to get fucked.

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Whitney Stevens caught skipping class

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Whitney Stevens

From time to time, I drive around the area looking for students that are skipping class. Today, I spotted a busty brunette teen named Whitney Stevens. She was working as a hooker when she was supposed to be in class. I wasn’t going to allow this so I pulled over and ordered her to get into the car. I told her that not only was I going to take her back to school, but I was going to tell her parents what she had been doing.

Check out these pictures and see what happened when we got back to my office. At first she was giving me all attitude, but she soon realized that she was in some pretty serious trouble. She was soon willing to do anything to make me change my mind. That included showing me her giant melons, sucking my cock and letting me fuck that tight teen pussy. I ended up blowing my wad all over her slutty face.

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Camryn Kiss fucking in her Xmas costume

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Camryn Kiss fucking in her Xmas costume

My name is Camryn Kiss, I’m one of the students at Innocent High. Check out these pictures from my naughty holiday adventure. Apparently, we’re not allowed to wear anything Christmas related, because of political correctness and what not. Anyways, Coach Chubbs spotted me and dragged me into the locker room to force me to change into something else. He was pretty angry, it turns out that he caught his wife banging the mailman one Christmas Eve.

I felt kind of bad, plus I didn’t want to change so I decided to do something to give him a different Christmas memory. Next thing you know I take everything off except my Christmas skirt and stockings. I get on my knees and start to give him a blowjob. Soon, he took over and was pounding my tender pussy. He titty fucked me too, then gave me my very first cumshot. It was one present that I’ll never forget!

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Amy Valor In The Principal’s Office

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Coed Amy Valor riding the teacher

Let me tell you about this coed that I’ve been having problems this week at Innocent High. Her name is Amy Valor, she may look all cute and innocent but this girl has been a major headache for me recently. Today, her teacher caught her cheating on a test and sent her to my office. I was just going to suspend her, but suddenly she started to beg for me not to suspend her. She said that if her parents found out, they’d send her to a private school.

Check out how Amy Valor got out of her punishment. Well, Amy is a nice girl and I really enjoy staring at her boobs so I didn’t want her to get sent away to some private school. I was willing to work out a deal if she showed me those perky tits. She ended up showing me a lot more than just her boobs. Next thing I know, she’s sucking my cock right at my desk. Then she hoops up on my cock and shows me how thankful she is for not getting her in trouble.

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Daisy Marie gets a special Try Out !

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Daisy Marie getting fucked

My name is Daisy Marie and I’m one of the coeds at Innocent High. Check out these pictures from my adventure after school last week. My parents are always on me about extra curricular activities. They say it’ll help me get into college. However, really the only extra curricular activity that I like is sucking cock and getting my tight pussy fucked. However, they told me if I didn’t do an activity this semester they were going to take away my car.

I decided to try out for the cross country team. I’m not really good at sports, but a few of my friends were on the team. I was the slowest girl trying out and I knew that the coach was going to cut me. After practice he asked me to stay after. I knew he was going to tell me that I was off the team, but I wasn’t going to let my parents take away my car. However, if they found out I was sucking and fucking my coach, they’d probably be pretty angry.

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Micah Moore sins at Innocent High

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Student Micah Moore sucking cock

My name is Micah Moore and I never thought that I would become one of the sinning students at Innocent High. In fact, after hearing about all of the sex that coeds were having with the teachers, I decided to go to Principal Fitzergood to see if he could help me change it and make it a sin free school. It didn’t exactly goes as I planned. Check out these photos and see what happened in his office.

I asked him to join my cause and join me with a prayer. However, when I opened up my eyes when I was done, he had his dick out of his pants and was stroking it. I was shocked, offended and believe it or not, I was very turned on too! Next thing I know, I’m sucking the sin off his rock hard dick. I’ve had sex before, but always in committed relationships. I felt like such a sinner having sex with the principal on his desk.

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Innocent High student Tanner Mayes changes her grades

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Tanner Mayes

My name is Tanner Mayes and I’m one of the girls that you can find at Innocent High. I used to be a Straight A student, but I’ve started to pay less and less attention to my teachers and more and more to the boys. It looked like I was going to fail, so the principal called me into his office to talk about it. Check out these naughty photos and see what we talked about!

He told me that if I gave him a blowjob, I could do whatever I wanted and I’d get passing grades. Well, I did more than just suck his cock. I showed him that I really know how to suck cock, then he showed me what it’s like to be really fucked. I’ve never had my pussy hammered like that before. It was intense! And then he left me covered in cum – my face, tits and more! He treated me like a complete slut.

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Innocent High student Taralynn Foxx gets stuffed

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Taralynn Foxx sucking a big cock

My name is Taralynn Foxx and let me tell you about my naughty adventure. During the holidays most of the students go home. However, this year my family and I are tight on cash, so I decided to stay in the dorms over the break. At first I thought it was going to suck, but as soon as I realized I could masturbate all that I want without my roommate catching me, I realized that this was going to be a lot of fun.

Apparently, I was having too much fun. One afternoon, I was fingering my pussy and about to cum when there was a knock on the door. I was moaning so loud that Coach Chubbs who was patrolling the hallways heard me. He came in just to make sure that I was alright, but I wasn’t. I needed his dick right away! I wasted no time pulling down his pants and sucking his cock. Then he fucked me, pounded my pussy, giving me an amazing fucking.

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Comforting cheerleader Bailey Lane at Innocent High

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Topless Bailey Lane enjoying a big one

Let me tell you about the other day when Bailey Lane came into my office. It seems the other girls on the cheerleading team were making fun of her. She had broken her glasses and was forced to wear a piece of tape that held them together. I talked to her and made her calm down, telling her how she was a beautiful girl and what not. She thought that I was hitting on her because next thing I know, she’s on top of me kissing me and running her hands all over my body.

Check out these pictures from when Bailey Lane was getting naughty in the principal’s office. And it didn’t stop with just her wanting to kiss me. Next thing I know, she’s half naked, showing me her soft teen body and laying across my desk so that she could suck my dick. A few minutes later, I was fucking her tight pussy. Had to have been the tightest pussy that I’ve ever felt.

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Bella Rey meets the new principal

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Bella Rey fucked

Hey guys, my name is Bella Rey and I’m the newest student at Innocent High. I just started last week and on my first day, I went in early to meet the principal. You know, kind of get started on the right foot because I knew I would be seeing a lot of him. Anyways, when I saw him my mouth just dropped. He was younger and a lot hotter than any principal that I’ve had in the past. I knew exactly how I would stay on his good side.

Check out these pictures of me getting to know my new principal. I stripped right in his office, showing him all of my tight teen body. He couldn’t resist going down on me and sampling my wet pussy. Soon, he was burying his hard dick inside of my tight pussy. I’ve never been fucked the way he fucked me that day. And then he gave me my very first facial. I have a feeling that we’re going to get along great!

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Blonde Mallory Rae seduces her teacher

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Sexy blonde Mallory Rae in lingerie

Hey guys, my name is Mallory Rae and I’m one of the students at Innocent High. Check out these photos from my adventure last night with one of my teachers. I was always getting trouble in his class so he told me to setup a parent-teacher meeting. Tonight, I told him to come over to my house for the meeting. It wasn’t an accident that I picked a time when I knew my parents wouldn’t be home for hours.

I told him to sit on my couch, my parents would be back soon. He started to think that something was up, so I knew that I was going to have to do something. That’s when I started to strip out of my clothes, showing him my tight teen body. That made him forget about everything else. He was all over me on the couch and soon his rock hard dick was deep inside of my tight pussy.

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The little red hood Lyla Storm

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Lyla Storm sex

Let me tell you about this really kinky Innocent High coed named Lyla Storm. She had this really naughty Lil’ Red Ridding Hood fantasy and she wanted Coach Chubbs to help her fulfill it. She dressed up like Lil’ Red Ridding Hood and let me tell you, this teen looked smoking hot. Then she had Coach dress up like the Big Bad Wolf and walk in on her while she’s fingering her tight teen pussy.

Check out the pictures from this kinky fantasy come true. She’s not afraid of this Big Bad Wolf, in fact she can’t wait to get close to him so that she can suck his cock. Next thing you know, she’s spreading her legs so that Coach can fuck her tender pussy. What a slut! And what a hot version of the old fairy tale!

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Naughty babysitter Paulina James

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

naked babysitter with cum in her face

This hot redhead slut named Paulina James has been babysitting for me for a while now. I’ve never had a problem until last weekend. I came home and the kids said that Paulina made them go to extra bed early, then they said that they heard loud banging noises in the living room. This weekend, I put up a video camera to see what was going on. It turns out that she had invited over her boyfriend and was fucking him on my living room couch.

Today at school, I order her into my office. Check out these photos from the interview. At first she tried to deny it. Then I showed her the surveillance video and told her that I was going to have to inform her parents. Next thing I know, she’s on her knees in front of me, begging me not call her parents. I didn’t even have to tell her what I wanted to forgot about what I had seen, she knew exactly what I wanted and started to unzip my pants.

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Jaclyn Case fucked

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Jaclyn Case fucked

Jaclyn Case is this tan brunette cutie that we’ve really never had any problems with at Innocent High. The worse thing that she does is wearing sandals to gym class. I tell her day after day to wear sneakers but she always forget. Most of the time I let it slide because I like looking at her ass in gym shorts, but today I told her that she was going to have to meet me after class so that we could discuss this problem.

Check out these hardcore photos from my after class meeting with Jaclyn. When I told her that I was going to have to start writing her up for not wearing the proper footwear, she asked if there was anything that she could do to get out having to wear running shoes. I thought about it for a minute, then told her if she gave me a blowjob, I’d give her an Aplus in the class no matter what. She ended up giving me a lot more than just a blowjob! I got to fuck her uber tight teen pussy.

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Redhead coed Nikki Rhodes and her teacher

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Nikki Rhodes getting a facial

Let me tell you about this redhead coed at Innocent High named Nikki Rhodes. She’s not the brightest bulb in the box, if you know what I mean. However, she does know how to get what she wants. I wanted to have a parent teacher conference because of her poor grades. She didn’t want that to happen and was willing to do anything to make sure that I didn’t call her parents and get her in trouble with them. And I do mean anything!

Check out these photos from my after school meeting with Nikki Rhodes. When I told her that I was going to setup a meeting, she suddenly started to be all flirty. Next thing I know, she’s rubbing her hands all over me. She found my cock and started to rub it. Next thing I know, she’s giving me head and it didn’t stop there. I was soon pounding her ultra tight teen pussy.

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