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Stop The Camera – Deja Daire

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Let’s start by making one thing very clear: porn is not real. There is no such thing as a student getting picked up by strangers in a shopping mall and then going home with them to fuck everyone while someone films it and puts it on the internet. It’s all planned, staged and silicone.

So now that we have that out in the open, we join Deja Daire in the process of completing her paperwork so she can get paid for her scene. She’s not doing this because she’s a tart, she’s doing it because she is a ho (sluts fuck for free, whores fuck for money).

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Stop The Camera – Deja Daire

Deja Daire filling out her paperwork

Stop The Camera – Jennifer Steele

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Jennifer Steele is one beautiful piece of ass with a killer MILF body. We met up with her on the set of her most famous DVD, in which she let a room full of horny Mexicans fuck her in the butt for her widely popular Mexican Rectal Gangbang. If you want to know what goes through a pornstar’s mind before getting penetrated in the ass by 50 strangers, then you’ll love the hundreds of behind-the-scenes porn moments featured on StopTheCamera.

Jennifer Steele

Jennifer Steele preparing for her rectal orgy

Stop The Camera – Moxxie Maddron Bikini

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The first two girls in the free bikini video clips below are certainly cute. Of course we have no idea who either of them are. But we’re sure that once you watch the student in the green bikini from the second video, you’ll be in love with her too !

The final clip features large melons pornstar Moxxie Maddron, complete with all her tattoos, doing some leg squats with a trim punk bitch on her shoulders. Check out the sheer strength and lifting power in Moxxie’s legs and arms! Find out who wins the pornstar bikini contest by watching the entire video at StopTheCamera!

Moxxie Maddron in bikini

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Stop The Camera – Stacked Double Screwing

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Don’t you just hate it when a double banging isn’t working right? That’s what this large titty blonde ho is feeling as she tries to make it work with the two guys in charge of stuffing her orifices. escorts you behind the closed doors and on to some of the most famous porn sets in the world, allowing you to glimpse at what it’s really like being there. If you think porn nuts always go off without any incident, you are completely wrong and a quick peek at any of our videos will confirm this.

Do fluffers really exist? Is the goo always real? Do girls have orgasms on camera? Find out the answers today!

Porn blooper

This is what really happens on porn sets

Stop The Camera – Asian Beauty

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The asian beauty in the sample porn outtake clips below was more than happy to not only talk about her terrific body, she was kind enough to show us her beautiful melons too. She got them to bounce for us and was very willing to chat with our camera for some wonderful behind-the-scenes moments on a porn set.

Being a porn cameraman is kind of like being a psychiatrist. The girls tell you everything about themselves and way more. Many pornstars are certifiably insane but the majority are just happy to have someone to talk to and listen to all the drama in their messed-up lives. And as long as they keep flashing us their melons, we’ll keep on listening and pretending we care …

Asian Beauty

Watch what the girls are really like on camera

Stop The Camera – Tory Lane Behind The Scenes

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Lee Stone shows you his massive penis in this porn blooper video, where you’ll find him pumping this very perfect and chesty brunette Tory Lane in several positions. Watch as Lee picks up Tory and starts licking her clit as she gives him a blowjob upside down !

In the next scene, you’ll find him giving this Tory Lane a hard anal probing and then for some strange reason they both spit at the camera.

Tory Lane in a porn blooper video

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Stop The Camera – Massive Cans Blonde Facial

Friday, May 13th, 2011

This sexy blonde is wearing a camouflage bra and panties with platform boots, as she’s just about to let her large DD boobs spill out of their see-through top for your pleasure. Soon she finds two guys sitting on a sofa jerking off while awaiting her arrival.

Watch this next part of the behind-the-scenes porn action as she bends over and reveals you her large anal gape then takes a double jizz facial.

Sexy blonde with large DD boobs

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Stop The Camera – Vanessa Lane

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Vanessa Lane is famous for being a stacked acrobatic ho with a beautiful snug body who can get banged rough in the ass while doing the splits on your cock… pretty cool, huh? We caught up with her on a recent porn set and asked her some questions on camera.

We told her before that this was only for behind-the-scenes, but is was too fine to not show you. If you’ve ever wondered what pours these pornstars really tick, this site is for you: StopTheCamera.

Vanessa Lane

Vanessa Lane and her pornstar girlfriends are all here

Stop The Camera – Eva Angelina

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

You’ve probably always wanted to watch a photoshoot with a beautiful pornstar as the subject. Well now you can! StopTheCamera brings you into the world where cameras are not rolling on set, but rather behind the scenes!

Eva Angelina gets some time out after the pictures to sit down and chat with us. Want to know what’s on her mind? Want to know all about her boob job? Come inside and see all the reality for yourself…

Eva Angelina

Eva Angelina behind the scenes on photoshoot

Stop The Camera – Behind The Scenes Threesome

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Two hot sweeties are on a chair, picking lint from each others belly buttons, until the cameraman reveals up and the lesbian action begins. You’ll see paddling, rectal fingering, gagging, deepthroating blowjobs, double student blowjobs, masturbating, legs high over the head fucking… and there’s even some assisted screwing going on as one gal holds the other’s legs up while she takes banged deeply.

Behind The Scenes Threesome

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Stop The Camera – Puma Swede Bikini Contest

Friday, April 15th, 2011

We are in Las Vegas at the Brutal Rock Hotel for this pornstar bikini competition. The sun is hot but these contestants are even hotter! First up is blonde pornstar Puma Swede with her massive silicone tits barely contained in her tiny string bikini top .

Two other cute chicks soon follow after her, but we have no idea who they are. Of course, it doesn’t really matter because they are flashing off their cute bodies for the excited crowd… see the entire bikini contest video at right now!

Blonde pornstar Puma Swede in bikini

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Stop The Camera – Interview With A Student

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

This is how the girls look when they first arrive on set: usually in sweatpants and with a coffee .
And sometimes with a baseball cap. The student in the scene samples below is happy to chat it up with our camera crew and shows us a set of panties she will be wearing .

Sure the girls are not always naked in the behind-the-scenes porn clips we have, but they more then make up for it in “wow” factor. As in “wow, I can’t believe she just said that” or “wow, did she really just do that?”. Truth be told, StopTheCamera does not live up to its name: in fact we take fantastic pride in keeping the cameras on even when the girls have said stop. Since we’re not the ones in the spotlight, we don’t see the harm!

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Stop The Camera – Penny Flame Bikini Contest

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Wow, what a trio of pornstar melons and ass we have here! The first bikini contest clip features pornstar Penny Flame showing off her muscles by flexing for the crowd. Next up is cute body chick Trisha Uptown in an orange bikini that left us totally speachless .

Finally we watch tattooed oversize titty ho Moxxie Maddron who is pushing her fake titties together. Which student do you like best? Join behind-the-scenes porn site now to see the entire bikini competition video!

Penny Flame in a bikini contest

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Stop The Camera – Goo Buddies

Monday, December 21st, 2009

It’s safe to say that girls in porn like jizz or else they wouldn’t let it land on their faces or swallow it from their mouths. But this student must really like it .

She just sits their with a thick batch of splooge on her face while everyone clowns around on set before she finally reaches for some baby wipes. She even takes pumped some more before cleaning herself off. Talk about a real-life cumslut. If you enjoy behind-the-scenes porn like this, then you will love with its hundreds of random clips of pornstars in various stages of interesting .

A tip we learned from countless hours on porn sets: buy some stock in the manufacturer of baby wipes – the girls use them like they’re going out of style!

Student with splooge on her face

See how long she leaves the goo on her face

Stop The Camera – Chelsea Zinn

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Chelsea Zinn should be the poster child for the government’s anti-meth campaigns .
As if anyone needed more reasons to not get addicted to crytal meth, Chelsea Zinn and her crackwhore girlfriend (notice the bad teeth!) have a serious case of the drugs sweats even while just sucking pecker. You can almost see the meth oozing out of their pores .

That’s probably why this part of the scene got left out. But at we are committed to revealing you everything that really happens in porn: especially the bad parts or the stuff the whores don’t want you to see. So the next time someone asks you “how many meth-head crackwhore porn sluts does it take to get a penis deep?” you can proudly answer “two”.

Chelsea Zinn

Ever wonder what receives left out of a porn scene?

Stop The Camera – Stacked Smoker

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Sure, you see the finished product: a nicely edited scene of your favorite pornstar doing something nasty with a lucky guy that you wish was you instead. But what was it like on the set that day ?
What is your favorite pornstar like in real life?

Now you can found out more about the porn industry than you evern thought possible, as our cameras go where no guy should go: behind closed doors on a porn set, inside the girls’ bathroom, or scarier yet, inside a porn girl’s mind. StopTheCamera is a humourous and insightful collection of hundreds of clips and interviews. So find out what the stacked smoker below was going to say, then join to see hundreds more like her!

Pornstar smoking while adjusting her tits

Bloopers and outtakes happen in porn too!

Stop The Camera – Lannie Barbie Massive Cans

Monday, December 14th, 2009

If you like long-legged, long-haired, very perfect, giant fake rack foreign pornstars like Lannie Barbie, then this free behind-the-scenes porn movie will make you very happy.

These breast implants have to be at least double Ds and she’s also wearing stockings and heels, while this lucky guy endures to have her sitting on his pecker. Next, this guy is jerking his penis, trying to get it rough so she can give him a blowjob.

Lannie Barbie

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