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Touch football with Violet Marcell

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Violet Marcell

My friend Violet Marcell moved her from Canada a while ago, but she admitted to me that she really didn’t get the sport of football. I supposed we could’ve sat down on the sofa and watched a game together, but a game of touch football seemed like a lot more fun. Check out these pictures and see what I taught her about football.

She came to the field wearing this football jersey with no bra underneath and I pretty much was distracted from the word “go.” I’ll admit my hands were all over her as were playing. She seemed to be enjoying the game as much as me and soon we were headed back to my place. There we were playing a game that we both know very well. I think we both scored and won in this game.

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Busty blonde Riley Evans in the gym

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Riley Evans naked

Sunday’s are usually slow at the gym. Last Sunday was extra slow. It was literally just me there until about three o’clock when this busty blonde nympho named Riley Evans walked in. I’ve had my eye on her since she got a membership at this gym. She’s always wearing these skin tight workout clothes that really show off her giant tits and killer ass. Today, I made sure that she could get all of the attention that she wanted from me.

Check out these photos from my workout with Riley Evans. I was helping her with her technique on the workout machines one minute and the next she’s showing me her oral technique. We ended up going back to my place where I gave her tender pussy a real workout. As you can see from the photo above, I left her massive boobs covered with my own specialty protein shake.

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Charley Chase in a gym workout

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Charley Chase workout

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and the gym was just about empty so I decided to sneak in my own workout. Well, I was having a hard time concentrating because the only other person in the gym that afternoon was Charley Chase, this black haired hottie with a killer body. She was looking really amazing in her skin tight workout clothes that really shows off her perfect ass. I’ll admit that I was getting pretty horny .

Plus, she was making all these grunting noises while she was working out, it sounded like she was getting fucked. I couldn’t resist making my way over to her and seeing if she needed some of my personal training. She wanted me to spot her on some of the machines, but she was also looking for some help in some other ways. Check out these hardcore photos and see what I’m talking about.

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Kylee Strutt ready to play ball …

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Kylee Strutt cummed on !

This extra busty redhead babe named Kylee Strutt may not look like it, but she’s a star athlete. She wants to try out for the local softball team and asked if I would help her train. We spent most of the time working out and running drills out on the field, but there’s one training session that I’ll never forget. Check out these pictures from my hardcore workout with Kylee Strutt. It’s something that I’ll never forget.

One minute, I’m helping her with batting practice. The next, she’s inviting me back to her house, saying that she needs a different kind of practice. There I finally got to see the huge softballs on her chest. She even let me titty fuck her. She gave me this blowjob that was out of this world, then I hit a home run. I drilled her pussy and made her moan so loud!

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Asian bombshell Kina Kai playing with balls

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Asian bombshell Kina Kai makes him cum

I was hanging out at the basketball courts the other day when I spotted this petite Asian bombshell named Kina Kai that rocked my world. She was smoking hot and had a tight body that looked incredible in workout clothes. I couldn’t help but going over to the hoop where she was shooting by herself and introduce myself. As you can see in these x-rated photos, I did a lot more than just introduce myself.

It wasn’t long before we left the basketball court and she was playing with a different kind of balls. She loved to play with my balls as she was giving me a blowjob. It didn’t stop there. Soon, I was sliding my rock hard cock deep inside of her uber tight Asian pussy. It was probably the tightest pussy that I’ve ever fucked and I couldn’t resist cuming all over it.

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Kagney Karter and The Golf Pro workout

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Kagney Karter and The Golf Pro workout

My name is Kangney Karter and let me tell you about the fun that I had with the golf pro at the local course. It all started because I got tired of the rest of my family beating me every time we play golf. I decided to sign up for lessons and when I saw my instructor my pussy instantly started to get damp. He not so innocently rubbed his hands against my boobs and later his cock against my ass. I knew what he wanted and I was more than willing to give it to him.

Check out these pictures from my golf lessons. Back at his place, I was soon sucking on his rock hard golf club and playing with his balls. It definitely didn’t stop their either. He was soon pounding my pussy. I loved it, I may not have learned much about golf that day, but I did get my face covered in cum.

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Blonde Tanya James and the eighties workout

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Blonde Tanya James riding a big cock

Hey boys my name is Tanya James and let me tell you about the real workout that I got last week at the gym. My girl friends have been raving about the eighties workout class at the gym. I didn’t see what the big deal was, but I got myself a retro workout outfit anyways and signed up to the class. As soon as I saw the trainer, I knew why they liked it so much!

By the time the class was over, I had a pretty good workout, but we were just getting started. Check out these pictures from my retro workout. It wasn’t long before he kicked the other girls out of the gym and gave me an extra special training session. He had a huge dick and it filled up my soaking wet pussy completely. It was the kind of hardcore workout that I really needed.

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Riley Evans Gets A Hardcore Workout

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

I’ve had my eye on this busty blonde bombshell named Riley Evans for a while now. I had tried all of the tricks in the book and was getting nowhere. That’s when I decided to tell her about this new kind of workout that I was working on at home. I told her it was guaranteed to burn more calories and work her entire body more than any regular exercise. She knew what I was talking about and this nympho was more than willing to follow me home. Check out these photos from Riley’s hardcore workout.

Less than three minutes after we walk into my house, she’s half naked and I’m fucking her on the living room sofa. I pounded her pussy in every position I knew, making her sweat and breath hard. She moaned that she had never gotten a workout like this before. When were all done, I gave her a huge protein shake shot directly into her mouth.

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Penny Flame gets her mouth filled with cum

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Penny Flame gets her mouth filled with cum

Check out these pictures from my workout with Penny Flame. When this eighteen year old’s parents hired me to help her workout, I don’t think this is the kind of workout that they were thinking about. However, today when I went over to her house for her tennis lessons, things got really interesting. It all started with her rubbing her sexy ass against me while I was helping her with her swing.

Next thing you know, we’re half naked in her bedroom with my dick in her mouth. This brunette slut really knows how to work my balls and racket. But the best part had to be fucking her dripping wet pussy. This chick was so excited to get her pussy pounded and you can bet I gave it a good workout too. I finished it up by filling her mouth with a huge load of hot, sticky cum.

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Dasani Lezian Needs A Hardcore Workout

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Dasani Lezian working out

Today was supposed to be my day off, but I was just sitting around on the couch, when I got a phone call from work. One of my trainees was asking for me and wanted to know if I could come in to give her a personal training session. If it had been anyone other than Dasani Lezian, I would’ve just kept sitting on the couch. But with her killer body and amazing looks, I couldn’t resist coming in to get some one on one time with her!

We had a good workout at the gym, but check out these pictures and see our workout back at my place afterward. Within minutes of walking through the door, her clothes were coming off and she was telling me that she wanted a different kind of workout. For warm up, she gave me a blowjob that made my dick rock hard! Then she spread her legs and I gave her pussy the workout that it needed. I’ve had some hardcore workouts before, but this was the most intense yet!

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Beauty Pageant Slut Shawna Lenee

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Shawna Lenee fucked good !

I’ve been helping this blonde bombshell named Shawna Lenee get back in shape for the past couple of weeks. She has a beauty pageant that she’s competing in and needed to tone up her body a little. It was kind of last minute, but we’ve been working out just about every day, even on Sunday when the gym is closed to make sure she gets in shape. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it was worth it.

Sunday was our last day together and I told her that I had one last workout in store for her. I called it Fuckalates. Check out these picture from my workout with Shawna Lenee. It starts out as a normal workout, but along the way all of her clothes come off. She didn’t object to that or me sliding my rock hard meat shaft deep into her wet pussy. I gave her one workout that made her burn some calories and made sure every inch of her body was toned.

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Jayden James At The Gym

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Jayden James looking hot while working out in the gym

One of my favorite clients at the gym is this very busty brunette slut named Jayden James. We’re closed on Sunday’s, but last weekend when she called me and said she wanted to get in a workout, I headed right over to unlock the doors. We’re always flirting and talking dirty to each other, but it was all innocent…until that day. It was pretty obvious that she wanted a workout from my rock hard dick that was growing in my shorts.

It wasn’t long before we were heading back to my place and that’s where our real workout began. This chick was hungry for a cock and I wasn’t about to say no to her. She was soon on her knees, working my dick with her very talented mouth. However, it didn’t stop there. I had to fuck her pussy. It needed a special kind of workout that she obviously wasn’t getting from her boyfriend at home. Then we finished off the workout, by me giving her a dose of my special protein shake …

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Blonde Kenzi Marie needs a different kind of workout

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Kenzi Marie having hot sex

One of my favorite clients is this busty blonde babe named Kenzi Marie. Check out these pictures from our workout last night. I’ve been her personal trainer for a couple of months now and I’ll admit that it can get pretty routine after a while. But when she told me that she wanted a different kind of workout, I wasn’t expecting it to turn x-rated. Not that I’m complaining.

After our workout at the gym that night, she invited me back to her place for a workout that probably burned just as many calories and made us sweat just as much. She ripped out off her workout clothes and showed me her killer body and it definitely didn’t stop there. She gave my cock a real workout with her mouth. Then I gave her pussy a pounding that made us both moan and sweat.

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Kylee King’s Hardcore Interview

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Kylee King

Things have been pretty slow at the gym, so I decided to make it more interesting. The other day I put an ad in the local newspaper advertising a female trainer position. I knew that it was going to be a great way to meet hot women with toned bodies, but it ended up being even better than I could’ve ever imagined. The first chick to show up for an interview was Kylee King. Check out these pictures from her interview.

Kylee King had a great resume and a great body, but I told her that we had lots of applicants and wanted to know what would she be willing to do to get the job. Without saying a word, she stripped off workout clothes and started working out completely naked. A few minutes later, she was giving my cock a hardcore workout. She didn’t stop until she had sucked a load of hot protein out of my cock.

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Megan Jones Needs A Real Workout

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Megan Jones gets a hardcore fucking as the real workout

Check out these crazy pictures from my wild adventure with this slut named Megan Jones. In my apartment building, there’s a gym. Usually, I workout at the gym where I’m a personal trainer, but when I don’t have time I’ll workout at the one in my apartment building. Late last night, was one of those workouts. It was just me and this one hottie named Megan Jones. I had seen her around the apartment complex, but never had a chance to talk to her!

Now, I was offering her some of my personal training services for free. One minute, I was helping her to make sure she was doing crunches right. The next minute, she’s asking me to evaluate her blowjob technique. I couldn’t believe it! It was going better than I could’ve ever imagined. This chick was a nympho that was practically begging me to fuck her! Of course, I didn’t make her wait long and gave her the hardcore fucking that she was craving.

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Horny Beach Babe Krissy Lynn

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
The Real Workout


I was enjoying my day off today at the beach, when I spotted one of my favorite personal training clients, this blonde nympho named Krissy Lynn. At the gym, she’s always flirting with me. However, nothing ever happened…until today. It started when she asked me put lotion on her. I ended up giving her a massage that turned really erotic. She was moving my hands between her legs, letting me rub her pussy right out on the beach. I knew that we were going to have to somewhere more private right away.

Check out these x-rated photos and see what happened when she got back to her apartment. We went straight to her bedroom and she went straight to my cock. She took it in her wet mouth first, giving me a blowjob that I won’t forget anytime soon. Then, she jumped on top of me and took it her tight pussy. I fucked her doggy style, then I fucked her tits before I came all over her sexy face.

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Trinity Dynamite’s Protein Shake

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Trinity Dynamite

Check out these x-rated pictures from my workout with Trinity Dynamite. She came in wearing this pair of skin tight running shorts and very revealing red top and I lost focus of just about everything else. Let’s just say that she got my full attention that day. It started with me helping with her workout at the gym, but it wasn’t long before I convinced her that we could get a much better workout back at my place.

We’re at my house for less than three minutes before she’s between my legs, giving me a blowjob right on the living room sofa. This chick really knows how to work her mouth and her pussy! She climbed on top of me and rode me like I’ve never felt before. Then I put her on her back and pounded her pussy. It wasn’t over until I got ready to give her a protein shake…too bad it ended up all over her face.

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