Charlene: Hot Puffy Nipples Micro Thong Girl

October 27th, 2017 | by Red Hot |

Horny Thong Model

Charlene is a nice little hottie with swollen nipples and a four accept crotch and has one hell of a meaty camel-toe mainly when she bends over. Her thong buries deep inside her meaty meat flaps splitting it in two and then swallows it up like a good wet juicy slimy clam. Sounds sort of gross but just imagine when you rub your face all over it and get her musky wetness all over your face you will savour it forever.

Her engorged nipples were a exquisite and pink brownish texture which stuck out about a half inch. They looked like they haven’t been sucked on all that much and she had a exquisite sweet meat appeal about her. She was very sparkling also. She was down with the program and just loved to show off her hot little thong body to the camera.

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