Cheerleader in the bath

November 24th, 2018 | by Red Hot |
Softcore toon porn

A hooker tells her drama about she wasn’t always a street walker. Her drama begins with her talking about how she was the head cheerleader at her high school. Since she was the head cheerleader, she had more responsibilities than all the other girls, which meant that she stayed behind after practice was done and worked out in the gym longer.

As a result of her late workouts, one night she took a shower. The feeling of the turned on water hitting her skin felt so good and made her turned on! She used her fingers to satisfy her sexual needs, as there was no man around to bang her.

When she was done showing, she decided to go to the party where the other cheerleaders were at. As she was getting dressed for the party, she noticed there was someone in the dressing room. It was a man, a football player it seemed, sitting on a bench in the locker room stroking his bazooka like cock!

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