Claire James jamming her cunt full with pencils

May 24th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Claire James jamming her cunt full with pencils

With smooth silky white skin and a chunky flexible cunt Claire James is eager to please. And to please means sticking everything to abuse her fresh juicy pussy. She can give you a head spinning orgasm when she starts pounding her cunt at the same time amaze you what wild fuck toy she can insert during the process. This bitch is never desperate to seek of something that could fit perfectly inside her snatch because she has with her a very big collection of tall n’ pointy pencils that gets her off like nothing else.

Calire James took on every shlong, every hand, everything imaginable to get her cunt jammed, but nothing gave her the satisfaction that makes her squirt than a giant and sharpened pencil stretching her bald cunt hole. She opened her snatch up and put as many pencils inside of her as she could, and started ramming away! Wow, this extreme chick has totally fell in love with that damn thing!

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