Cora’s One Woman Show

May 1st, 2011 | by Red Hot |

Asian Sex Quest

There is one thing I hate more than anything else in the world besides being left with blueballs and that is a drunk girl banging down my door at four in the morning when I’m trying to sleep and that is exactly what Cora did a few nights ago. I’d had an impossibly long day at the office and just wanted to sleep it off since I was due in again at eight the next morning although Cora made sure that didn’t happen when she came pounding on my door begging me to let her in. Now I’m not a prude but when there’s a drunk Asian chick in the hallway of my condominium complex screaming about how she needs my cock  in her pussy I just can’t leave her there.

When Cora came in she made a beeline for the bedroom, and once I finally made it back there myself I came face to face with Cora kneeling on all fours on my bed with her red satin panties around her ankles. As tired and pissed off as I was I couldn’t just leave Cora’s tight Asian snatch all alone like that so I knelt on the bed and dove in tongue first!

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