Dad Gets Debts Paid Off By Daughter

January 30th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Blonde daughter riding cock

I bet a lot, but I have this rule where I don’t bet on sports that I don’t know anything about. Unfortunately, when I’m sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon and a horse race is about to start, I forget that rule and call up my bookie. I’ve been making big bets on the horse races the past month and I’ve been losing big. Today, my bookie stopped by to collect. Check out these pictures and see what happened when he found out that I didn’t have any money.

I would’ve kicked his butt, but he sucker punched me. Luckily, my daughter was there to save me in more ways than one. She started by pulling him off of me. But then she also paid of my debts. We didn’t have the money, but she had another way to pay him off. She was soon giving him a blowjob, then fucking him until my gambling debts were paid off.

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