Daisy Marie gets a special Try Out !

May 17th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Daisy Marie getting fucked

My name is Daisy Marie and I’m one of the coeds at Innocent High. Check out these pictures from my adventure after school last week. My parents are always on me about extra curricular activities. They say it’ll help me get into college. However, really the only extra curricular activity that I like is sucking cock and getting my tight pussy fucked. However, they told me if I didn’t do an activity this semester they were going to take away my car.

I decided to try out for the cross country team. I’m not really good at sports, but a few of my friends were on the team. I was the slowest girl trying out and I knew that the coach was going to cut me. After practice he asked me to stay after. I knew he was going to tell me that I was off the team, but I wasn’t going to let my parents take away my car. However, if they found out I was sucking and fucking my coach, they’d probably be pretty angry.

See more of me at Innocent High.

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