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Extreme bikini thong cameltoe girl blonde

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Extreme bikini thong cameltoe girl blonde

Brittany never planned on shooting for this site, she is just a standard sweetie that ran into me and Layla when we were doing her shoot. I think she liked watching as much as the guys and she was already wearing that tiny pink thong when she showed up walking down the shoreline.

After a few moments I took a break and went over to talk to her where she was hanging out by my boat. You could tell she was your typical attention craved babe that was out for a perfecto time and party with the other girl that I was doing the session with. She asked if I would take some nasty bikini pics of her. That was like music to my ears!

So I set her to show me what she’s got. At first she was moving so fast. It was making it hard for my fingers to grip that ass. I like it like that. Work that back. Slow motion for me, slow motion for me baby! That was all it took for her to slow down a bit bend over and spread them legs and let me zero in on that thong laden crotch. The most magnificent part was when she pulled that thong right up in that vagina and nekid them big fat snapper lips on each side!

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Sweet and tender extreme thong girl exposes her pink pussy

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Sweet and tender extreme thong girl

Kimmy had the freshest pink coochie you ever directed your eyes on! A culminating tone of soft pink semi meaty lips and a good sized clitoris that stuck out hard and appeared to be lovely to suck on. Just wait until you view Kimmy’s stimulating pink vagina in the members area! The high resolution pictures will fill your screen with incredible details.

At first Kimmy was a little bit on the shy side as the session first started. She was sort of shy about spreading her legs too far apart so we could get a nice see of her pink vagina lips. Eventually as the rendezvous went on and the tiny little thong she was wearing worked it’s way deep up inside her wet pink coochie and also rubbed ever so firmly against the outside of her tight pink fanny hole. These actions caused her to get extremely horny and it wasn’t too long after that she completely removed the thong bikini and started to really spread her snapper lips for the camera like a pro!

Needless to say Kimmy turned out to be another yummy addition to the BeachModel.Com family and please rest secure we strive to bring you the wildest most extreme thong bikini models on the net! 100% Exclusive to this site only!

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Big juicy ass and her pussy crotch swallows up her whole thong!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Big juicy ass and her pussy crotch swallows up her whole thong!

Veronika had a good thick fanny with meaty vagina lips. She was a bad babe too. You know, the kind that like to do naughty things and is not afraid to get caught. It was a bit chilly this day but she was a sport and really put on a show since we were in a fairly desolate part of the nekid beach.

At first we just did a hundred or so pictures of her with the top and bottoms of her thong bikini on. She was wearing a real small notice through mesh white micro thong. A g-string style one with a small string and it didn’t cover much. When she bent over the whole thong strap would suck up into her labia lips. Did I mention she had a perfecto fat fat vagina? God I love that!

We then proceeded to do some topless beach photos, so I asked her to remove her bikini top and let those puppies breath. She looked stimulating topless swimming and laying on the beach. I could have chilled out there all day, but I still had to get some nekid shots of her. I had her get down near the edge of the water so when she was laying there stripped on the beach the waves would wash up and splash on her ass and pussy. She said it made her all tingly!

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Hot thong girl with big natural breasts bent over wearing a pink thong

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Hot thong girl with big natural breasts bent over wearing a pink thong

Mitty is the true definition of a thong bikini amateur girl. This was her very first modeling gig ever. She handled it pretty choice even though she said this thong was a little small. Haha, I told her she hasn’t looked at small yet. I showed her one of the mini micros and she freaked out at how small and skimpy it was.

This chick had a killer perfecto thick meaty rump to die for! I guess you could call it a bubble butt. It looked nice as all get out with that thong sucked up in that crack! Mitty also had a hell of a exquisite rack! All natural 36 D’s I’d have to guess. I forgot to ask her :-( She dauntless was a cutie pie though and it was a pleasure full day on the beach shooting her in a little thong.

Near the end of the appointment I was really getting some exquisite bum image as she was down on all fours posing sticking her fanny out and undraping that thong crack. The sun was coming in at just the right angle and I swear you can view every grain of sand just as crystal clear as ever. Just think how nice of a admire and how x-rated the full size high resolution pictures are going to be.

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