Daughter sucked and drilled in exchange for work

May 3rd, 2011 | by Red Hot |

Daughter Janessa sucking cock

A couple of days ago Me and my daughter Janessa is driving down the street and was running a quick to the liquor store and you know what happened? My joke of a van broke down again !

I was ready to give up and just leave it there. Then along comes this dude in a motor home .
It was the funniest shit because he was driving a fucking motor house but I couldn’t laugh because it was better than what I have and he offered to fix my van .

I whispered to him I was a little low on cash, so I am gonna offer Janessa’s tight ass to this dude, but he could fuck my daughter in exchange for his work!

My daughter sucked then drilled this dude and I got my van working again.

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