Daughter uses her body for pay off

December 3rd, 2017 | by Red Hot |

Daughter sucks off his cock

My daughter Janessa was pretty mad at me every pay day on our payment. She thinks that I’m just using her like a whore, which I probably am, but my daughter is definitely a nympho, might as well get some money out of it too. We’ve got bills to pay and I’ve got beer to buy.

Girth came in my apartment collecting my payment into his apartment. I don’t have money to pay. He punch me in the face and keep on punching and punching until I was totally knocked out and suddenly my daughter came out and he saw Janessa. Luckily for me he stop punching because my daughter got his attention.

I arrange my daughter to be my payment on the place and a smile got into his face. It seem likes he want my daughter’s fresh pussy. He agree on the deal that I made just for him. He wasted no time and grabbed my daughter and few minutes later Janessa on her knees giving blowjobs.

Sooner Girth is fucking with my daughter.


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