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Anita Pearl
Anita Pearl
At this point I would have to say that Anita Pearl needs no explanation. I mean come on, it’s Anita Pearl !! Now at this point if you are still wondering who Anita Pearl is or you haven’t already clicked on one of her sample pics you may want to try and get out from time to time. I mean it’s Anita Pearl for shit sakes.
Now I don’t want you to get scared when I mention the "M" word (yes marriage), but this really is someone I could marry. She is perfect in every sense of the word. Perfect body, perfect body, stunning face, beautiful smile, tiny pussy, as naughty as possible and loves it in the ass.

Now after reading that does anything else even matter? I mean who cares if she doesn’t cook or clean, I’d starve and live in a pig sty just so I can wake up next to this angel.
OK, now that you know I’d sell my soul for one night with Anita Pearl , it’s time to get to the important part and that is actually watching Anita Pearl play with one of the most unique dildos I have ever seen. Seems like a cross between a caterpillar and a corn on the cob, but inside Anita Pearl’s pussy, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
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