Emily Pays For Her Senior Prank

August 29th, 2009 | by Red Hot |

Innocent High

Most of the senior pranks at Innocent High are pretty harmless, however, when I saw Emily walking away from the back of the school with a spray can in her hands, I knew that something was wrong. She claimed it was for a science project, but when we walked back to the other side of the school, there was graffiti that said “Fuck This School.” I took her into my room to interrogate her. Check out these pictures and see how Emily avoided being expelled.

Even though it was just a prank, it was a costly prank and I was going to make sure that she and the other students that helped her paid for it. Plus, I was going to make sure they all got equal punishments. Of course, by punishment, I mean sucking my dick or they were going to be expelled. Emily definitely showed me why I shouldn’t expel her, she gave me an amazing blowjob. Then she let me fuck her tight teen pussy with my huge cock.

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