Eva Ellington Caught With Alcohol

November 26th, 2017 | by Red Hot |

Eva Ellington gets her teen pussy fucked

Hey boys, my name is Eva Ellington and this is my Innocent High story .
I was planning on a little get together with my friends after school on Friday, and was hiding the alcohol in my locker. Someone must have snitched on me because the principal found out, confiscated my liquor and ordered me into his office. He was planning on giving me a lecture then suspending me, but I had some other plans!

If my parents found out, I was going to be in a lot more trouble then a suspension from school, so I had to make sure that they wouldn’t find out. I decided that I had to distract him and started to rip off my clothes right in the middle of his office. That got his attention right away! His dick was soon rock hard and the real fun started!
I’ve never been fucked the way my principal fucked my teen pussy that day.

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