Extreme beach model Kira exposes the whole enchilada!

August 28th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Extreme beach model Kira exposes the whole enchilada!

Now Kira was a real wild one as you will notice if you check out her gratuitous thong pictures in her free preview. To start with she wore one of my smallest micro thong bikinis that scantly cover up anything. She had some huge fat coochie lips so I had her pull her thong up tight into and against her vulva and the thong just slipped right in divulging one of the most extreme camel toes you ever casted your eyes on.

After about 15 or 20 minutes of taking pictures of her wearing the thong I decided it was time to get some topless footage. WOW! She had a set of tits that would poke your eye out if you were not careful! They were store bought but they looked pretty dam perfecto to me. Hell, they all look good to me. But natural boobs are my favorite.

During the last part of our little thong beach photo gig I decided to go for the gusto. I knew she was a wild one and we were on a bare beach, so off the g-string thong came and left nothing but wide open smooth snapper! It was a wonderful site. Good long snapper lips that looked like they enjoyed to be pulled and sucked on. She even flipped over on her hands and knees and spread her backside cheeks apart so I could get you admirers some extremely xrated close-up shots of her not only her bottom but her ass! That’s right!

Check out Kira’s butthole here.

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