Farm peach Jeanette learns sex

January 24th, 2018 | by Red Hot |
Hardcore toon porn

Being on a farm can make any girl turned on and lonely. When Jeanette hides in the barn one afternoon, she finds her male lover there waiting. They quickly get into action by pulling down his pants and taking off her dress. He inserts his aching throbbing bone deep inside her; the love making is intense as they roll around in the hay. Just when they thought they were alone, in walks a young woman. Jeanette tells her to come on over and she would teach her how to have sex.

Her stepfather calls Jeanette and she rides on the wagon with him, only to stop moments later. He starts to seduce her in a sexual manner and then throws her up against a tree where he begins to bang her already peak cunt! If only Jeanette’s mother knew what he wanted when they were alone! See what happens next!

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