Fuck addicted Coed Seduces Her Classmate

October 18th, 2017 | by Red Hot |

Lesbian Sex

Katty, the black haired coed and her friend decided to have a little contest. They decided that who ever could seduce the most women would win a new car, that the other beauty would have to buy. I guess this is what rich beauties with too much free time on their hands do when they get bored. It sounds like something a bunch of college boys would do, but this is so much hotter to watch!

Check out this pretty photos from this Bet On Lesbo Sex adventure. Katty was losing, so she decided to call up her classmate, a very marvelous blonde. She said that she wanted to do some studying, but ten minutes after she came over, they were putting the books down and things were getting really exciting. They were soon fooling around with each other and starting to take off each others clothes.

Come see who won at Bet On Lesbo Sex.

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