Grooving on the beach with her big naturals hanging out

May 17th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Grooving on the beach with her big naturals hanging out

Stefany was another one of those girls that had a very special body that looked a plus in a micro thong bikini. I took a lot of pictures of her in some of the most xrated micro thongs available. Her body was rocking like no other. Everything about her was angelic! Gorgeous face, perfecto large natural d-cup knockers that hung perfectly. Super bubble rear that showed off a thong to it’s full potential. And to top it off she had a set of coochie lips that were unbelievable!

Where’s the beef? She was precisely sporting the roast beef! I love it when my bikini models have exquisite roast beef pussy lips. Stefany’s was hot as hell. I had her pose in several different thongs and each one her lips were hanging out the sides. They were very very erotic, especially when she would bend over and arch her back to stick that ass out rump far as it would go. It was a site to notice and will be burned into your brain forever!

Her knockers were luscious. Nothing better that a set of real natural d-cups. No fake titties on this thong model! I was surprised that she had such a accomplished slim body and still had such huge knockers and beautiful ass. Usually chicks with real titties that large are a little on the chunky side. Stefany was faultless! She surely put the extreme and xrated in this site.

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