Hot beach thong girl with nipples as hard as pencil erasers

June 1st, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Hot beach thong girl with nipples as hard as pencil erasers

Jenny is her name and hard eraser sized nipples is her game! It was another almost chill and windy day at the secluded beach where I like to rendezvous at. Jenny looked so hot that day in her Thong Bikini with her long legs that went all the way to her bottom! Speaking of which, her rump, was as hard as a rock! You could of bounced a quarter off it!

The rest of her body was hot as hell too! Chiefly her eyes. She had very fat eyes. They would roughly mesmerize you when she acknowledged you wit them. She defiantly was a hot babe and I was happy as hell to take Nude Pictures of her for my site.

We took a lot pf backside shots for some reason, hehehe! She loved it. She would bend over on her hands and knees and look back at me over her shoulder with those sexy eyes and just smile. I wonder sometimes if these thong bikini models love to tease us like this. This one was a real tease. You could view the edges of her coochie lips hanging out on the side when she bent over. Her thong would tighten up sparsely when she did this and you would get a glimpse of a culminating cameltoe!

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