Hot blonde bikini bombshell lets it all hang out on the beach

August 7th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Hot blonde bikini bombshell

Summer had one of the smoothest bald cameltoes you ever casted your eyes on. It looked like it had never been touched except for the tiny thong string that rode ever so deeply in-between her engorged labia. When she pulled her bikini top off and stripped those perfect firm and supple small tits I basically lost it. They were beyond perfect. She was beyond perfect. She was the kind of sweetie you could take home to mom and still be appealing as hell no matter what she was wearing.

The skimpy micro thong bikini precisely helped out the situation though. I love getting these hot chicks to pose in these little thongs. They sort of freak out a little at first and can’t believe how small they are. It’s sort of funny, they all try the tops on first and notice how the little triangle scantly covers their areolas. On some of the models with larger tatas it almost does that.

Eventually they try on the bottoms and say wow these are small. (As the small triangle of crotch material sinks deep in-between their snapper lips forming one of my signature extreme thong cameltoes.) Rest secure we try to find models with super engorged outer pussy lips to accentuate the camel-toe process to it’s fullest potential. We are in the business of exposing the finest in professional extreme cameltoes.

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