Hot daughter gets fuck in RV

June 3rd, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Hot daughter gets fucked in a RV

It was a sunny day and we were in my old van. My daughter and I were running doing some errands and out of nowhere it just stopped going. I popped open the hood but I had no idea what was going with it. Luckily, some dude stopped by that seemed to have eyes for my daughter that knew how to fix it.

Unluckily for me, he drove off with my daughter before he fixed my van. My daughter comes house with this dudes RV. She’s crazy I tell you! Anyways, we brought it back to him but now I wanted money from him to fix my van and because he had drilled my daughter. Dude said no problem as long as he got to fuck my daughter again. Of course, I said go ahead and while she was getting drilled, I was counting the bucks.


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