“I’m really a dirty, little girl!”

June 29th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

"I’m really a dirty, little girl!"

"When you readers first see my photos, please don’t think that I’m too innocent-looking to be in Neighbors," said Allison. "I get so pissed off with everyone thinking I’m a little goodie-goodie. Since my 18th birthday, I’ve had sex with boys my age and with guys a lot older. In fact, my boyfriend now who took the photos is 32. He didn’t talk me into doing it either; I showed him my copy of NN and talked him into taking my photos. Guess you could say I’m a real naughty neighbor." "It sucks to be 18," said Allison. "There’s not much to do apart from go to movies, have parties or have sex. I’m into all three, but mostly my guy and I stay in at his condo, watch movies and then have sex. I share a place with my older sister, but I wouldn’t take my guy there ’cause my sister–she’s more wild and way more horny than me–might seduce him and I’m not done with him yet. See, I get sick of a guy after a while, so when I know it’s time for me to move on, I’ll do them both a favor and introduce them. It wouldn’t bother me if they hooked up."

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