Jiburiru -The Devil Angel- Vol. 2

September 21st, 2009 | by Red Hot |
Sweet toon gets ready for some hardcore fucking

In ready for the battle against the demons, Naoto Kamino and Rika Manabe make love to store the powers of the Power Amore. One day, they dine at a restaurant where the cute Meimi Otonashi works, followed by a movie. When they exit the movie theater, an unpleasant presence is felt; a beast from Hell attacks Rika once again !

With the stored powered of the Power Amore, Rika transforms herself into Jiburiru, The Devil Angel, howeverÂ… The beast unleashes a herd of zombies and catches them off guard! Meanwhile, Naota fell into their trap and is forced to have sex with Mistymei, the demonic transformation of Meimi .

How will Jiburiru, The Devil Angel, and Naoto get out of this mess? What else is in stored for them!? Rika! It’s time to transform!

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