Johnny is back for more and gets to fuck Mandy his way

May 7th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Mandy tasting his cock

He cums on her back !

Johnny licks Mandy's pussy

Johnny fucks Mandy with a condom
Mandy loved what she saw last time Johnny was around, so they decided to give him what they called a second interview. They gave him the details of it all and told him that they would be doing a photo run through so he should get naked, go through the actions that he would be going through in the film but stop every once in a while for a photo. After that is all done, Johnny and Mandy put their clothes back on and get ready to go for round two. It’s rare that a guy is called back at Stunt Cock Tryouts, but Johnny’s first performance was so good that the crew wanted to see if he could do it again.

Well just like the first time, Johnny was totally taken back by how sexy Mandy looked in her tight black outfit. As soon as his pants came off you could see he was already hard again, and that really got Mandy turned on. She spread her legs for him so he could play with her pussy and after finger fucking a little and sucking on her clit, she went for his cock. Johnny was excited when they told him that this time he wouldn’t just be getting his dick sucked, he was also going to get to fuck Mandy’s tight pussy!

So he laid back after she spit on his dick for a little extra lube and slid his rock hard shaft deep inside Mandy as she rubbed her clit with excitement. After turning her around and fucking her doggy style a bit it was time to cum and just like last time, Johnny was able to do it right on cue, shooting a load all over Mandy’s ass and back.

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