Juicy ass cheeks with a thong wedged up the middle!

April 4th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Juicy ass cheeks with a thong wedged up the middle!

It was another wholesome day of shooting on the beach today. alicias was a a plus sweetie with an bum to die for. She was not great tall but she had a neat build and was sexy as hell to look at. She picked out a topnotch mini micro bikini thong from my personal stash and tried it on. She loved it just like all the babes do the first time they try on one of these thongs. When they first view it they comment on how small and skimpy it is and are a bit unsure about it, but they son find out how sexy they make them look.

Most of the time they start to really like they way they feel. These thongs are so small you can scantly feel them I’m told. The mini micros are even more divulging. I like to start each new sweetie of in a plain micro thong. Then if she does topnotch with that style I will move her down to the mini micro thong. It’s just enough material to cover only the most important parts. Slightly that is.

Once they get that far the rest is history. It’s then time for the 1-string peek a boos. These are the most extreme and explicit. They are feasibly the sexiest thong bikinis on the planet. alicias was so hot in her mini micro. Some of the pic I took were surely award winning thong photos.

Enter here to encompass all her pictures.

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