Kara drilled for hundred bucks

April 13th, 2019 | by Red Hot |

Nympho daughter sucks on a huge cock for cash

When I first saw Kara, I thought that this chick looked so sweet and innocent, a complete opposite from my own daughter. However, I was soon seeing that she was a lot more like my daughter, like she was a total nympho that loved to give blowjobs and get drilled, plus she got pimped out by her own dad from time to time.

It definitely didn’t start as a amazing day for Kara. Yesterday, she parked the car in a tow away zone. When her dad left for work that morning, the car was nowhere to be found. They would need a hundred bucks to get it out of the impound lot, the kind of money neither of them had. However, Kara knew exactly how to get it. A rich guy from her class had wanted to get into her panties for a while now and this seemed like the perfect chance for her to get that money.

She drop by on his place and lucky for that guy because he can get into Kara’s panties now.
He gave her over hundred bucks just to get on Kara’s panty and gave her a happy ending.

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