Kara Novak Caught Trying To Steal A Car

August 20th, 2009 | by Red Hot |

Kara Novak

Hey guys, my name is Kara Novak and I got in big trouble today at school. I was sent to Principal Fitzergood’s office because I was talking in class. But he wasn’t there when I got there, but his car keys were. He has this really hot convertible and I couldn’t resist heading out to the parking lot with the keys. I swear I wasn’t going to steal it, I just wanted to take it for a test drive around the parking lot. Well, with my luck, Mr Fitzergood was walking through the parking lot right then and caught me!

Check out these photos and see what happened when we got back to his office. He told me that I was in serious trouble this time and if I didn’t do exactly what he said, he was going to have to expel me and have me put into handcuffs. He told me to take off my clothes and he didn’t have to say anything else. Soon, I was on my knees giving him a blowjob before her fucked my tender pussy.

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