Kelly: Pink Roast Beef and a Peek A Boo Yellow Thong

May 7th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Slim blonde in a micro thong bikini

Kelly came to my beach house to do a secluded ocean side photo assignment in a micro thong bikini. She picked out a bright, sunshine yellow peek a boo thong and changed into it right in front of me. This was my first clue that today was going to be a very out of the ordinary day because only the wildest of the wild voluntarily select a peek-a-boo.

As we entered the backyard and headed towards the beach, Kelly spotted the trampoline and as she was climbing up onto it, she explained that she had been in gymnastics for thirteen years and absolutely loved trampolines. The first stunt this former gymnast medal winner did was a full split, then she rolled forward onto her neck and shoulders giving me one of the widest, spread out in your face, rump spoke and meat flaps popping camera shot I have ever had!

I was completely captivated with every inch of her slender, toned body; from her long platinum blond hair to her 6-inch stiletto heels. As she jumped, stretched, and twisted all over the trampoline she was totally revealing her bald cameltoe and I got some superb pictures of her meaty roast beef hanging through the extreme peek a boo thong strings. Her small natural mammaries bounced all over the place as she rolled and crawled all over the trampoline.

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