Kia’s Tiny Panties

October 31st, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Asian Sex Quest

Kia is one of my favorite babes, she’s never afraid to go that extra step and when I found out that she’d started working as an escort I wasn’t surprised in the least. This adorable Asian hottie with her tight teen body must have been raking it in and judging from what I saw last week when I paid her a visit she was making more than it takes to make a decent living that’s for sure. Kia had called me, apparently one of her top clients had asked her to find a cameraman to tape their fun so she decided to give me a call and you know that I was up for that!

When I showed up to her place Kia was already in her lacy pink bra and tiny lacy g-string and my dick jumped to attention but apparently so did her fuck buddy of the day who was already laying on the bed watching her with his massive black penis standing tall. I could see that I was already late so grabbing the camera I started rolling just in time to catch Kia wrap her tiny lips around this black stallion’s fat black dick!

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