Lara’s big lovely hooters get her in trouble!

April 19th, 2011 | by Red Hot |

Busty hot girl gets a tongue-fucking

Lara gets a little too careless and leaves the bathroom door open while she’s soaking in her bubbles. Naturally, someone walks in on her and it happens to be her horndog brother-in-law! As you can see, she’s still lathered up when he dives into her pussy; and because he’s so amazing at tongue-fucking, she doesn’t resist him!

As an extra treat, Lara lets the guy slide his rock-hard pecker between her ginormous titbags. They’re so fucking slippery, it’s almost as good as humping a pussy, if not better. It doesn’t take long before Lara’s nipples are thickly glazed with jizz, which she rubs onto her juggs. Since then she’s removed the lock from her bathroom door!

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