Lara Jones The Treasure of Osiris

December 3rd, 2017 | by Red Hot |
Hardcore toon porn

A beautiful drawn goddess is welcomed by an ugly old pharaoh, and she asks him why he thinks that they are a good match. He is old and ugly, and she is young and impetuous and energetic, very much unlike him. She asks him to forgive her for thinking this way, but it is how she feels.

The young blonde Egyptian drawn goddess listens to him as he tells her that her insolence is forgiven, and that he will show her his powers. Suddenly, he transforms into a magnificent young man, bazooka like of energy and stamina. She is amazed and he instantly turns her on. She cannot wait to get her hands on that huge hung bone he has. Her pussy is wet, and she loves licking his cock. He tastes so good to her .

They even get into sixty nine position so that he can lick her hot, peak little pussy while she swallows his fat cock. She tells him that he was right, master, and that she wants him to bang her like an animal! She screams and moans that it feels so good to her, feeling his throbbing bone inside her.

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