Larin Lane sucking hard dick

November 20th, 2009 | by Red Hot |

Larin Lane sucking hard cock

Being a model, Larin Lane is very conscious on her figure and has just turned vegetarian .
But she told us that sometimes she still hankers for some meat. So we gave her a massive dick to chomp on! Let’s see if she returns to her diet after this juicy treat. Just as we thought, she really gets going once her mouth touch on our man’s cockhead!

She expertly wraps it around the cock to slather it in foamy drool while her hand strokes it gently up and down. Then she moves her warm yapper down to the testicles, tonguing each one before moving back up to gobble the whole big cock .

Of course by now her guy’s huffing and moaning in super pleasure! and soon she will get what she really want, a hot cum that will blast on her soft wide mouth.

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