Lucky dude gets to fuck my daughter

May 27th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Lucky dude gets to fuck my daughter

It was a stunning morning for me. I was also dying for a drink. I was starting to think about going out and finding some work to earn some extra cash. Sadly for me I can’t find work to earn money, Lucky for me I have a daughter to get me a easy money. Then my daughter Janessa walked in with this sucker. It was like a sign from above that I shouldn’t be doing any work .

When my daughter was on the bathroom, I talk to him and make a good deal that I know he would love it. That’s when I told him that my daughter didn’t fuck for free. He was shocked, but didn’t complain. He took out his wallet and paid me way too much. Moments later after I left the house, my daughter and him get long and having good time fucking in living room. They couldn’t even make it in the bedroom.

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