Luscious Girls

March 11th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Mischievous minx Silvie embarks on her first ever girl-girl experience in Luscious Girls with sexy elfin Carly. It’s the morning after and Silvie tries to sneak out, but Carly drags her back so they can passionately taste each other.

With furious rubbing and desperate gasps, Carly, face flushed and legs trembling, is quick to covet what is hers. Shall we go out or stay in? Silvie knows there’s no such thing as a quiet night in at Kiki’s place. And that’s exactly what Silvie wants. After teasing Kiki with a playful strip, Silvie shyly explores Kiki’s delicious breast with her tongue, then pins Kiki to the floor.

Kiki writhes and whimpers with every touch, but this isn’t enough to sate Kiki’s ravenous hunger. Exotic temptresses Silvie and Kiki revel in Luscious Girls with a sizzling cascade of moist orgasms.

Luscious Girls :

Luscious Girls

Silvie shyly explores Kiki's delicious breast with her tongue

Hot lesbian face sitting !

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