Manga story Detective in Danger

August 29th, 2012 | by Red Hot |
Hot Manga porn

A detective goes the location where she is supposed to be working as an undercover cop. She soon finds herself in trouble when she walks in and sees a girl wearing nothing but panties, her boobs exposed and bound by rope. Down her panties is a gun that is ready to fire at any minute! Bound by rope and gagged, there is nothing the girl can do but hope for the best!

The price of letting the hostage go is greater than the detective could ever expect. She is offered the hostage in exchange for the detective’s pussy! She gives in and offers up her pussy to save a life. She subjects herself to the man’s every sexual desire, whatever he wants to do to the woman detective, he does! During the cock abuse, she finds herself getting surprisingly horny and then begins to beg for more of a cock pounding!

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