More close up ass shots of beach model Tracy

September 19th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

More close up ass shots of beach model Tracy

Tracy was a hot and willing babe for this beach date we did. She picked out the skimpiest thong bikini suit I had and changed into it in the back seat of my car where I could view her exquisite tight body in full view. When she caught me checking her out through the window, she just winked at me and pulled up her thong.

We were taking some pic of her bending over and showing how the g-string almost covered her nice swollen vagina lips when she said she couldn’t wait to get topless and squeeze her choice brown nipples. She said her nipples were extra sensitive and when someone sucked on them she could practically get off! She wasn’t at all shy about her body or the dirty things she liked.

Then she said she wanted to take her bikini bathing suit top off so she wouldn’t get any tan lines. She said she liked an all over tan. It was her suggestion that she put some baby oil all over her body to support her tan. While she was putting the baby oil, she kept running her hand all the way down the front of her sexy body until she was all oiled up! She looked like she was getting really turned on and I was amazed at how sexy this thong model seemed to be! I couldn’t encouragement but wonder what she would do if I offered to suck on her nipples for her.

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