My daughter first anal

June 26th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Daughter fucked anal

My daughter and I were driving back home in our van from supermarket. We buy foods that will last until next week. On the road the van engine looks amazing but suddenly the engine started acting up strange until it went totally dead. Too bad for us because there are some foods that’s frozen inside the van. Not long before an RV stop by us. The driver came out and look for the engine of the van and try to fix it.

Lucky for us the driver was a mechanic and looks like he’s gonna fix my van. After fixing the van he looks for the payment too bad for me I don’t have money to give him but my daughter was there to fix the payment. I make a deal with him that she can fuck my daughter in exchange to his service. My daughter is a nympho and she can take any man’s penis. He accept the over and grab my daughter into his RV. Soon my daughter gave him the best blowjob in his life. But this guy wants to feel her pussy. My daughter bent over and instead fucking her pussy, he shoved his dick into her tight butt. Soon he blew his creamy inside my daughter tight ass hole.

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