My Daughter rough treatment

February 21st, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Daughter getting rough treatment while fucked from behind

Howdy everyone, I’ve been getting all sorts of requests, wanting to see my daughter doing all sorts of crazy things. The most popular request was to see my daughter getting spanked. Today, she’s got together with Matt, a guy who was really into having things be rough. The spanking was just the beginning for him. I just wish I had charged him extra for all the rough things she did with my daughter.

Right from the start, I knew that this wasn’t just another guy, but he had the money so I was off to the liquor store to pick up my stuff for that day. As soon as I left, my daughter got on her knees to give head. However, it wasn’t long before he was grabbing the back of her head and shoving his penis into her mouth, making her gag.

He then bent her over and started to spank her ass while he drilled her. The wild part is that Janessa loved every second of Matt’s rough treatment !

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