My FWB…is a girl

September 23rd, 2017 | by Red Hot |

My FWB…is a girl

My a girl

"My girlfriend took these photos one wet afternoon when we were fooling around before going to bed," said Allison. "Yeah, I’m bisexual–straight 50/50–because I love doing guys just as much as I love being with another girl. I’ve not been lucky enough to be part of a threesome yet–with another girl and a guy. That would be awesome because I’d get the best of both worlds; another pussy and a hard dick to play with. That’s what I usually think about when I’m getting myself off, which I do most nights. Orgasms help me to get to sleep. I love having girls and guys check me out, so I always dress to be sexy and kinda shocking," said Allison. "So it took me, like, a minute, to decide that I wanted to pose for NN when a friend showed me a couple of issues that she got from her brother’s room. Getting naked, spreading my pussy and fingering myself for strangers all over the world to watch is totally thrilling to me. To think that guys will be jacking over the photos and imagining screwing my pussy and my ass and doing all sorts of other nasty things with me gives me the chills. Once the magazine is published, it would be, like, the ultimate thrill to have a guy come up to me and tell me he’d seen me in NN. I’d probably do him, no matter how old he was, just from the excitement of it."

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